X4 Foundations – Trading Computer

X4 Foundations Auto Trade & Trading Computer

– identify profitable trading loop for a particular ware

– select trading vessel

– right click in sector containing the station where the wares are to be sold

– select “Import Wares to”

– go to the information for the vessel

– click on the behaviours tab

– there will be a new “AutoTrade” order

– [optional] click on the down arrow on the autotrade order, to change the sequence in which it is executed, to make the order [disabled] while you edit the order.

– press the “+” symbol on the order to expand the orders details

– delete all the wares apart from the particular ware you want to trade

– change the “Max gate distance to buy” to max (this is affected by the captains skill ie you might need a better captain)

– keep “Max gate distance to sell” to 0

– press the up arrow to enable the order if you have disabled it

make sure you have a trading computer extension installed and the ship should start trading.

this seems to be superior to setting a “Default Behaviour” of “AutoTrade.” when I did this my ships would only trade in one system or wouldnt use very profitable routes. They seed to buy low but wouldnt sell particularly high either and often they wouldnt fill their holds.

This way they will be selling to high priced buyer that you have identified (if there is more than one buyer in the system they will swap between them) and seem to seek out the lowest priced seller.

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