Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Unholy Trinity

This guide will show you detailed about Unholy Trinity in the game.

The Unholy Trinity

Why you won’t enjoy MD(applies to most fantasy card games but most especially masterduel).

Rigged Opponent

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Rigged Opponent

The way MD’s matchmaking system works is quite sinister. You will be matched with an opponent according to your decklist and the cards in it. As a result, you will feel like you are always playing against the same cards even though the player is different. There are hundreds of cards in the game and thousands of players playing MD. The likelihood of you playing against the same handful of archetypes SHOULD be low. But it is not.
For example, I like to play burning abyss with lovely labrynth. The game LOVEs to match me with players using only labrynth cards. I also have lots of traps in my deck because lovely labrynth archetype heavily relies on normal trap usage. The game LOVEs to match me against Traptrix decks to counter me.
Another example, I sometimes like to play without spell/trap removal. When I do, the game LOVEs to match me with dark magician and sea stealth decks. I like to use kaiju, but sometimes I won’t. When I don’t, the game LOVEs to match me against cards like blue eyes chaos max or other similar decks that use boss cards which are unaffected by targeting or destruction effects.

Starting Hand Rigging

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Starting Hand Rigging

When you first draw your starting hand, you’ll quickly notice the times when your starting hand has 2 or 3 copies of the same card, which SHOULD be unlikely even at the minimum deck count(40). Or the times when your starting hand has a card you only have ONE COPY of and you NEVER want to have it in your hand(i.e my ONE copy of lovely labrynth). The game understands you don’t want that specific card in your hand, and it will screw you by putting it in your starting hand or making you draw it.
The game especially loves to put 2-3 copies of the same kaiju in my hand when I run kaiju. When I’m running spell/trap removal traps, the game loves to put them all in my starting hand when I’m playing against an opponent that doesn’t use many spells/traps. The system is designed to screw you like this when it doesn’t want YOU to be the winner.

Rigged Draws

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Rigged Draws

Oh the joy of being matched against an opponent using certain cards, which you try to counter by adding certain cards that will help you to achieve this. Only to still lose against those cards because you just don’t draw the cards that will help you. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone up against dark magician decks, with at least 5 spell/trap removal in my deck to counter that stupid magicians circle, only to lose because I never draw them in time. Or those times I go up against geomatchmech final sigma or chaos max, whom I try to counter with at least 5 copies of kaiju. Again, still losing because I never draw them in time.
The game understands you have certain cards that will counter your opponent’s main strategy or main boss cards. But if it wants you to lose, it will make it that you NEVER draw the cards you need to turn the duel around. Try putting maxx c or nibiru in your deck. 2 cards that are considered staple and meta. You will quickly experience not being able to maximize either’s effect even against opponents whom special summon for 10min straight in one turn, simply because the game didn’t put either in your starting hand or let you draw either when you needed them. You can try to counter cards you know you will face. But the game’s system is so rigged and wonked that your efforts will be for nothing.

Simply put, if the game wants you to win, you will win. If it wants you to lose, you will lose. And theres nothing you can do about it. From the moment the duel starts, your fate is already decided. Your starting hand vs your opponents starting hand. Your draws vs your opponents draws. Even the deck your deck is pitted against, is all ways for the game to manipulate who will win and who will lose. There is no RNG in this game. Only match manipulation carefully designed by konami. This manipulation of the starting hand, card draw and matchmaking, this Unholy Trinity, is why you will not enjoy masterduel.

Because if you lose, did you really lose because your opponent is better than you or has better cards than you?

And if you win, can you really say YOU won, or did the system win?

Written by xMidnightxWolf

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