Zero Hour Custom Watch Codes

The special secret codes to unlock Operation Black Dawn new zero hour watch codes. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the ZERO Sievert game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our ZERO Sievert guide.

Updated 9 March, 2023

Zero Hour Operation Black Dawn Custom Watch Codes

The codes from left to right:

  • BigFry: BIGFRY1013
  • ScottHotRod: SCOTTHOT42
  • ControlledPairs: CTRLPAIR47
  • Duerag: DUERAG95
  • JustinRed87: JUSTIN87

New Operation Black Dawn Custom Watch Codes:

  • JUSTIN87

Wet Job Watch Codes

  • KLEAN777
  • KLEAN2142
  • KLEAN13376

French Touch Code

  • For the french touch code -> FR13112015

Operator’s Time

M7 Productions and Attrito have officially launched the significant update for Zero Hour. This was the Zero Hour Operator’s Time. Together with the release, new customized watches were also seen in the game.

For players who wish to get these Zero Hour Operator’s Time, below are the unlock codes that you can use in the video game.

Zero Hour Operator’s Time

16 thoughts on “Zero Hour Custom Watch Codes”

  1. APEX Black & Yellow : BIGFRY1013

    SH-42000 : SCOTTHOT42

    Operator’s Time Piece : CTRLPAIR47

    The Joker : DUERAG95

    The Legionnaire : JUSTIN87

    The French Tour : FR13112015

    Wet Job : KLEAN13376

    The Battle Buddy: FODSQD17

    The Rioteer: RIOT

    Artic Reaper MK1 : FROSTY

    Bounty Hunter: NEMZH03

    Tomographic : TOMO

    Karmakut : KARMAKUT07

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