Zortch Crosshair Modding Guide

Hello from our Zortch Crosshair Modding Guide. How to set a custom crosshair or change the size of your crosshair? This guide will show you!

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Zortch Crosshair Modding Guide

Welcome to our Zortch Crosshair Modding Guide. This guide will show you how to set custom crosshair or change the size in the game!

Finding the Folder

Zortch: Crosshair modding guide

From here you want to browse local files.

Getting to the Crosshair Folder

Zortch: Crosshair modding guide

You now want to navigate to the “chair” directory

Replacing the Crosshair

Zortch: Crosshair modding guide

From here you can replace these files with whatever crosshairs you want. Keep in mind that the images need to be 64×64 px.

About Zortch

Zortch is a single player FPS game in a sci-fi setting with horror and comedy elements.

Zortch Maxinum is a professional slacker who finds herself captured by aliens after falling for their fake holiday scheme – now she must escape their planet or become a light snack lucky for her there is a mysterious voice helping her along the way


  • Custom engine that runs well on low-spec machines
  • Combat heavy gameplay
  • 6 difficulty modes – from very easy to extreme
  • 9 guns + kicking (grenade launcher, tnt, tripmine, plasma pistol, a double barreled shotgun and a bizarre living lightning gun)
  • 15 levels
  • 5 boss levels
  • 30+ enemy types (giant green brainsucking aliens and their inventions and cronies: spider mines, lizards with rocket launchers, raptors, pudding like amoeboid pretending to be humanoid guards, and a giant 20 feet tall flatworm cyborg bounty hunter .. among others)
  • powerups: portable medkit, invisibility
  • FOV slider
  • Letterbox mode
  • Custom violence mode: you can change blood to be confetti or ketchup
  • Feeble attempts at humor
Written by PhatGomeB0ss

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