100% Orange Juice Star Collector – Hoshino Reika Guide

This is a world where dogs, people and machines fly through the air. You should get to know Hoshino Reika, who came into this world with the DLC, and give her a chance. Here are the characteristics and details of the character in this 100% Orange Juice Star Collector – Hoshino Reika guide!

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100% Orange Juice Star Collector – Hoshino Reika Guide

There is a good chance that you will buy DLC 34 in this 100% Orange Juice Star Collector – Hoshino Reika guide at a discount, either because it comes with the cute pet cat Mashiro, or because you think the Hyper Art of the Master looks really great. The DLC also came with Reika, so you better give her a chance.

Character Overview

Star Collector - A Hoshino Reika Guide

Hoshino Reika boosts a +2 attack stat, alongside neutral defense and evasion. Very good rolling stats, which would make her comparable to Yuki, Tomomo and her alter ego Star Breaker; if it were paired with a high enough health pool to sustain as many fights as those characters are able to.

Reika’s passive forces her to only choose Star norma, but helps her achieve this goal by providing her +1 star from every source. These sources include:

  • Bonus Panels
  • Encounter Panels
  • Boss Encounter Panels, should she come out on top.
  • Star Rewards from Minigame Panels
  • Treasure
  • And, of course, K.O’ing opponents.

Deck Building and Card Synergy

Reika’s card synergy is very much alike that of her fellow 3-HP units. She’s appreciative of Saki’s Cookie, as it helps Reika deal with chip damage while conveniently being a 0-cost card, and Dinner.

On the other hand, the addition of more powerful healing cards such as Pudding and Portable Pudding can, and often will prove detrimental. Reika does not benefit nearly as much from them as the bulkier units do, while still giving her opponents a good chance to draw one of them.

Cards that buff her stats are very appreciated. Rbbits can allow her to sustain as much damage as Nanako for the fairly low price of 3 stars. Rainbow-Colored Circle, while a bit more inconsistent due to the nature of the Evade mechanic as a whole, allows her to more safely prevent chip damage and keep her small health pool intact.

Reika’s Hyper, Star Collector, is admittedly a bit underwhelming, despite its attractive effect length of 3 chapters and its 0-star cost.

Star Collector - A Hoshino Reika Guide

When it is used, if any opposing unit gains stars from a panel or through achieving a KO, they will receive up to your level fewer stars from said instance of star gain, which will then go to Reika instead. The effect lasts for 3 chapters, or until the player is KO’d.

This effect is underwhelming for a few reasons: for starters, the number of stars gained can be exactly 0 if she is K.O’d early, or if other units get particularly unlucky turns. There’s even an achievement for not getting any extra stars after using Reika’s Hyper.

Hypers such as Poppo’s Ubiquitous, Noble Fernet’s Affluence, Teotoratta’s Beast Witch and Aru Scramble’s Santa’s Job tend to be more reliable at this. They’re either more versatile in their usage, have the benefit of being Gift cards with a passive benefit which stays active so long as the card is in your hand, or won’t rely as much on how well the other units are doing at collecting stars.

For this, it is recommended to bring Mimic in your deck. Strong boost cards such as Kyupita’s Saint Eyes, Suguri’s Accelerator and Sham’s Delta Field have a much better chance at providing a hefty amount of stars, while also taking them away from rival units.

Game Plan

Reika’s playstyle isn’t nearly as straightforward as that of other +2 attack offensive units.

Star Collector - A Hoshino Reika Guide

Hoshino Reika’s health pool of 3 makes her very frail, and every single point of chip damage hurts her survivability to an even higher degree than it does for Peat or Nanako. Not only that, but having no boost to her defense or evasion means she’s terrified of everything she cannot instantly K.O, as even a 4-roll could potentially down her from full HP.
Not only that, but unlike her fellow 3-HP’ers, she has a REC stat of 5 instead of 4 for some God-forsaken reason.

Safe to say, Reika does not appreciate being hit, and we can tell this is a fact if we carefully inspect her in-game voice lines.[100orangejuice.fandom.com]

Much like Kae, Reika is often forced to strike first in order not to walk in front of enemy units, stopping on their panel instead. However, because of her +2 attack stat, she is quite good at this most of the time.

She should be able to make easy work of Encounter Panels as well, while not fully depending on them like her doppelganger Star Breaker.

Heal Panels and Damage Panels alike are quite helpful for Reika. The former helps her mitigate chip damage, as she can only defend twice at most before being forced to evade to save her life and hard-earned stars.

However, Damage Panels allow her to K.O. herself in a relatively safe way (there are urban legends that speak of a terrifying card by the name of Forced Revival) while keeping her stars and continuing to collect bonuses every new Chapter; remember that being unable to do anything with Wins means she gets hurt the most out of losing half of her stars and spamming left click until she’s allowed to revive 4 turns later.

Closing Thoughts

Well, why play Reika if she’s kinda bad? Might as well play Peat if I want to be able to put out great damage, eat a bunch of cookies and flex about the fact that I bought DLC 24 just so I can never take Metallic Monocoque out of my deck, laughing at those idiotic Long-Distance Shot abusers, right?

And not only that, but Peat’s Hyper is an insanely strong battle steroid. He still has the choice of going for Wins norma if he’s making good use of his +1 defense and +1 evasion and lower REC stat if he does go down because of his low HP pool. Peat is also a free character, and has a lot more cosmetic options if that’s something people care about. Doesn’t he just excel at everything Reika tries to accomplish with her stat distribution through the versatility of being a great offensive and defensive character?

So, don’t.

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