Gerudo Orb Locations – Mysterious Quest: TotK

Complete Zelda's Mysterious Eighth quest with 7 Gerudo Orbs. Our guide reveals their desert locations and explains their crucial role.

To complete The Mysterious Eighth quest in Zelda, you will need 7 Gerudo Orbs. In this guide, we have outlined the locations of Gerudo Orbs scattered throughout the desert and explained exactly what this Orb is used for.

Gerudo Orb

Gerudo Orb is a key element in the The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s part of a quest chain called The Mysterious Eighth which is initiated by completing the quest The Seven Heroines Secret.

In this quest, players are taskde with locating seven Gerudo Orbs scattered throughout the expansive Gerudo Desert. These orbs are not just any items; they play a crucial role in the storyline and are associated with valuable rewards upon completion of the quest.

Gerudo Orb Icon
Gerudo Orb

The challenge lies in finding these orbs, as some are easily discovered while others require a more in-depth exploration of the desert. Each orb has its unique location and may involve completing specific tasks or overcoming challenges to obtain them.

The rewards for successfully collecting all seven Gerudo Orbs include a Silver Rupee, an assortment of Gerudo weapons, and precious gemstones. So, in essence, the Gerudo Orb is a quest item that adds an exciting layer to the gameplay, encouraging players to explore the Gerudo Desert and uncover the mysteries hidden within the game.

Gerudo Orb Locations

1. Sapphire Flame Orb

  • Location: Kara Kara Bazaar
  • Acquire by completing the side quest “Lost in the Dunes.”
  • Embark on a creative journey across the desert to retrieve this orb.

2. Gold Ring Orb

  • Location: Near the market area towards a town entrance.
  • Engage in the challenge presented by Dalia in “Dalia’s Game” during daylight to obtain this unique orb.

3. Ruby Comma Orb

  • Location: Gerudo Shelter (west side)
  • Explore the bar area with a vase banner to discover this intriguing orb.

4. Crystal Colon Orb

  • Location: Gerudo Shelter (spa area)
  • Ascend to the shelf above the beds to reveal Rock Salt, Topaz, and another orb.

5. Emerald I Orb

  • Location: In town, next to a Gerudo Spear near the entrance.

6. Amber Triangle Orb

  • Location: Along the top of the eastern side of town.
  • Clear the sand pile to unveil this hidden orb.

7. Amethyst Rods Orb

  • Location: Town area, near a Gerudo Spear.
  • Keep a keen eye out for this orb near the entrance.

The Mysterious Eighth Quest Progression

  1. Placing the Orbs:
    • Insert each orb into the arms of the statues within Rotana’s room.
  2. Revealing the Giant Orb:
    • As each orb is placed, a new chamber will open, exposing a colossal orb.
  3. North Gerudo Sanctuary:
    • Transport the giant orb to the North Gerudo Ruins and insert it into the designated slot.
  4. Exploring the Sanctuary:
    • Navigate through the Sanctuary, being cautious of adversaries like Bokoblins and Lizfols.
  5. Discovering the Final Secret:
    • Enter the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room and read the slab to unveil the ultimate secret.


  • Relish the rewards in the final room, including Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Gerudo Bow, Gerudo Spear, Gerudo Claymore, Gold Rupee, Gerudo Shield, and Gerudo Scimitar.

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