Spirittea Spirit and Season Compatibility

As the sole person able to see troublesome souls in town, you'll need information on spirits, their sizes, and seasons. Discover all this in our Spirittea Spirit Compatibility guide!

You’re the only person in this town who can see souls full of troublesome souls. In the game you will need information about spirits, their size and seasons. Here’s a look at our Spirittea Spirit Compatibility guide for all this information.

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Spirittea Spirit and Season Compatibility

A quick and easy Spirittea Spirit Compatibility guide of all the spirits, their size and season (1.5.0)

Spirit and Season Compatibility in Spirittea

Spirits prefer sitting next to a spirit from the following season.
A Spring spirit will be happy sitting next to a Summer spirit, a Summer spirit will enjoy a Fall spirit’s company, and so on.

In addition, Spirits come in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

List of Spirits

Spring Spirits

  • Large (3×3) – Morinoba
  • Medium (2×2) – Fenias / Juso
  • Small (1×1) – Aurora / Fatherog / Mariko / Meowshroom / Upo

Summer Spirits

  • Large (3×3) – Avanis / Coronis
  • Medium (2×2) – Dolmori / Heck, Geckit, Froke / Kurkapi
  • Small (1×1) – Gorgo / Jookyoo / Larrick

Fall Spirits

  • Large (3×3) – none
  • Medium (2×2) – Chiropi / Lunariss / Naos
  • Small (1×1) – Aurum / Borzo / Corvink / Hobin / Mujina / Muwo / Ribbard / Ruko

Winter Spirits

  • Large (3×3) – Onishi / Umakiki
  • Medium (2×2) – Bantushi / Fonuki / Nimboars
  • Small (1×1) – Flitt / Nanashi / Tikan / Wasajiji

Lord Spirits

just as a side note

  • There are four different Lord Spirits, one for each season, which require their own bath.
  • Spirit compatibility does not come into play.
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