9 Days Guardian Guide

9 Days: Guardian Location and Defeat Strategies

This guide will help you locating Guardian in 9 Days and explain how to defeat him.

Feeling frustrated by the Guardian in 9 Days? This guide will help you locate, defeat, and overcome this challenging enemy.

9 Days Guardian Guide

Where to Find Guardian?

  • The Guardian has 4 spawn points, all relatively close together. They patrol in a set order.
  • Listen for ghostly sounds. The closer you get, the louder they become. This helps pinpoint his location even when camouflaged.

Guardian Spawn Points

  • Entrance Tunnel: Turn left after entering, he’ll be on the hill. (First Spawn Point)
  • Left Side: Walk left from the entrance, he’ll appear behind the second rock on the hill. Don’t approach too soon! (Second Spawn Point)
  • Cross-Shaped Hill: Diagonal left from the entrance, there’s a hill with a chest. He’ll appear on the far side. (Third Spawn Point)
  • Front Gate: As you enter the gate from the forest, he might be right in front. (Fourth Spawn Point)

How to Defeat Guardian

Recommended for Defeating Guardian

  • Ranged Combat:
    • Use the Solar Rain Arrows (obtained from the Chief of the Tarnished Tribe) for a ranged attack.
    • The Machine Gun Blast can also be effective from a distance, as the Guardian won’t attack if you stay far away.
  • Melee Combat:
    • The Guardian is vulnerable to attacks from behind.
    • Avoid using the hoverboard as it will alert him.
    • Use the running punch repeatedly to deal damage.
    • Be prepared to take cover when he teleports.
  • General Tips:
    • Learn the Guardian’s teleport locations (there are only 4). He always spawns facing the same direction at each location.
    • Melee can be effective if you memorize his movement pattern.
    • Ranged attacks are a safe option if you have the right equipment.
    • Focus on upgrading your attack power (fury stat) before the fight.

Additional Tips:

  • Upgrade your gear: Make sure you have decent armor and attack power before facing the Guardian.
  • Stock up on healing items. You’ll likely take some hits during the fight.

Remember: Patience and utilizing his weaknesses are key to defeating the Guardian.

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