The Outlast Trials: Rebirth Guide

A guide to get through your rebirth in The Outlast Trials.

The Mansion is a recreation of the training map with the objectives reversed and is the result of what you learned in the trials. It is divided into 5 separate objectives, we explained how to overcome all the objectives in this freedom mansion rebirth guide.

This guide was created by Bineapple.

How to Get Through your Rebirth

A guide to get through your rebirth! Don’t be afraid to take your time to get through the mansion as there’s no time limit.

Returning the Boxes

When you first spawn into the level, you will be met with a room that looks like this

Your goal here will be to return the boxes to the rooms where you found them in the tutorial. They’ll be at the end of each corridor past the locked gates.

Each box will be placed in front of the corridor you have to bring it to, do not attempt to bring it to the opposite room as it will not work.

Room 1

Room 2

These rooms will each be guarded by one big grunt. However the big grunt can be circumvented with the use of a stun/blind rig, or with bricks and bottles found throughout the level.

Keep in mind that there are alternate paths you can take in the corridor to avoid the big grunts, especially if you hear them nearby. Remember that stealth and the darkness are your friends.

Once you’ve returned both boxes, you can head down the stairs.

Obtaining the Keys

Once you head down the stairs, you should arrive in an area that looks like this.

Make sure that you remember the 2 key clues shown on the televisions as they will be randomized every playthrough, and you won’t be able to see the clues on your overlay.

Turn around and head through these doors and the gate further in to enter the Courtyard section.

Once in the Courtyard, there will only be one enemy in this section, the Night Hunter.

He has night vision so ensure that either:

  • Be stealthy enough to bypass him in this section (by having your noise indicator setting on, and crouching around, you can see if he detects you)
  • Have a stun/blind rig or bricks and bottles ready for this section. There are plenty of bricks lying around in this section on the ground, near the walls and by the walls of the pavilion.

The keys will be in bodies scattered around the area through the gate.


Remember to only search bodies with the correct symbols, if not, you may get a nasty electric shock.

Once you’ve obtained both keys, head back into the mansion and open the gates.

Tuning the Frequencies

Once you have unlocked both gates, your next objective will be to tune the frequencies, these transmitters can be found inside the areas previously blocked by the 2 gates.

There will be 3 frequencies on the map that you will have to adjust.

They look like this:

They normally spawn in a 2 to 1 configuration (2 in 1 sector, 1 in the other), however in extremely rare cases, they can all choose to spawn on the same side of the map.

There will be 1 regular expop in each sector, and they can be easily dealt with a bottle to distract them, or by a brick/ stun/ blind rig.

You can also choose to lure them further away first before trying to look for your objectives.

I would recommend entering the sector on your right first (as you enter from the Courtyard) as you can look for the reel while doing the transmitters.

Some harder to notice spawns include:

  • In the very back of the kitchen (Right sector)
  • Room right after the projector room (Left sector)

Once you have located all the transmitters on the right sector, you can grab the reel if you haven’t yet and exit through the previously barricaded door in the kitchen to easily enter the hallway and into the left sector.

Be aware that the left sector can sometimes spawn an imposter after the projector room, so be aware if you hear the elevator prompt.

Returning the Reel

The reel will be in the sector on the right as you’re coming from the Courtyard.

There is a barricaded door beside the gate, as well as the stairs if you’re confused about which side it is.
You can choose to look for it while you’re looking for the transmitters on this side of the map. It is easier to find than the transmitters as the reel will only spawn in this sector. If you are having trouble finding the reel, it may be easier for you to look for it without your night vision as the reel will be highlighted in the dark.

There are 14 possible reel spawns in this sector, split up over 6 rooms:

  • Entry Room (1st Room)

1 possible spawn

  • Prayer Room (2nd Room)

2 possible spawns

  • Room before Courtyard Corridor (3rd Room)

4 possible spawns

  • Courtyard Corridor (4th Room)

3 possible spawns

  • Dining Room (5th Room)

2 possible spawns

  • Kitchen (6th Room)

2 possible spawns

Once you’ve gotten the reel and adjusted the frequencies in this area, you can leave through the barricaded door in the kitchen or through the hallway you came in from.

Enter the opposite sector, keeping in mind that there will be an expop there, and put the reel into the projector.

Be aware that once you enter the room after the projector, an imposter can sometimes spawn so listen out for the elevator prompt.


Once you’re done with the reels and signals, you can leave the mansion.
Exit through the now opened double doors and head straight outside.

Once at the shuttles, turn right to notice this door.

Go through the door and climb up the ledge. Follow the linear path, but ensure that you have your stamina back before dropping down this ledge.

You will now be chased by a prime asset, simply follow the corridor.
Once through the corridor, open the door, its time for your rebirth.

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