A Fold Apart – Walkthrough & Guide

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A Fold Apart Walkthrough

Welcome to our A Fold Apart Walkthrough guide! This guide will showcase the A Fold Apart Walkthrough. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll know what you need!

After vocation decisions drive them along independent ways, a Teacher and Architect promise to make their significant distance relationship work at any expense. Experience the two sides of their story as the couple explores the complexities of (mis)communication and the enthusiastic good and bad times that partition brings. By flipping, collapsing, and unfurling the paper puzzles in their carefully assembled universes, you can assist the couple with conquering the enthusiastic hindrances of their relationship — however will cherish persevere?

A Fold Apart – Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

A Fold Apart – Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 3

Chapter 4 & Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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