Cyberpunk 2077 – All Weapons and Where to Get

Cyberpunk 2077 All Weapons and Where to Get

Welcome to our Cyberpunk 2077 All Weapons and Where to Get guide! This guide will showcase the Cyberpunk 2077 All Weapons and Where to Get. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll know all stash wall weapons and where to get them!

V’s stash has a bunch of foam inserts for a total of 18 different weapons. This guide lists each of the weapons that fill these inserts and should help point you in the right direction so you can obtain these weapons for your own stash.

All Stash Wall Weapons and Where to Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 All Weapons and Where to Get – LEFT WALL

  • Malorian Arms 3516 – Complete “Chipin’ in” side mission.


  • Overwatch – Complete “Riders on the Storm” side mission.
  • Mox – Complete “Pyramid Song” side mission, then go to Judy’s Apartment. It’s laying on the counter.
  • La Chingona Dorada – Must send Jackie’s body to Mama Welles and complete “Heroes” side mission. Then return to the bar and retrieve them from the memorial.
  • Satori – When escaping from Tavernier Suite, wait for T-Bug to open the balcony window. When she does, this also opens the upstairs door that leads to an AV landing pad. Open the vehicle door to find the weapon.
  • Jinchu Maru – Pick up after defeating Oda during “Playing it Safe” main story mission.
  • Crash – Given to the player by River after completing “Following the River” side mission.
  • Skippy – Part of the “Machine Gun” side mission located in Vista Del Rey, near the College St fast travel terminal.
  • Archangel – Given to the player by Kerry after completing “A Like Supreme” side mission.
  • Plan B – Can be looted from Dex’s body after “Playing for Time” main mission. Located near the “Kold Mirage” side mission marker.


NOTE: All weapons on this wall must be crafted. Specs can be found by completing specific “Organized Crime” activities.

  • Moron Labe – West Wind Estate. The spec is located on the body of Anton Kolev.
  • Psalm 11:6 – Near the location where the Buzzsaw. Kill Maelstrom member Tom Ayer for the crafting spec.
  • The Headsman – Outskirts of North Oak. Destroy the Militech Mech and loot it for the spec.
  • Buzzsaw – Northside Docks. Spec can be looted from Yelena Sidorova.
  • Sovereign – Southern part of Japantown. The spec can be looted from Shinobu Imai.
  • YingLong – Between Wellsprings and The Glen. Can be looted from Denzel Cryer.
  • Breakthrough – Rancho Coronado, on the body of Olsa Elisabeth Longmead.
  • Comrades Hammer – Arroyo, on the body of Darius Miles.
  • Ba Xing Chong – Ebunike Docks, Northern Watson. The insert for this weapon does not appear until you put the weapon in storage, making it a secret 19th stash weapon. The crafting spec can be found in Adam Smasher’s secret room once you get the access card from Grayson.

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