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Wowza Sticker Ever wanted a cursed sticker of a cat? Well if you have trouble doing […]

Wowza Sticker

Ever wanted a cursed sticker of a cat? Well if you have trouble doing so or you never knew about this sticker… Here is a small guide on how to collect this sticker!

Where even is the sticker located?

The sticker is located at the “Pink paw Manhole” in Nyakuza Metro.

Go down this manhole and complete the first electric pon mini mission. (The 15 electric pon one)

After which you are done with the first one…
complete the next electric pon mini mission.
(The 100 electric pon one)
Note: You NEED to do this in order to interact with the doors.

Then… after you are done doing both mini missions… next starts the locked door search!

Locked Door Locations

There are 4 doors to “Boop” on to unlock the secret area entrance to get to the sticker.

Note: They don’t have to be in order from the screenshots below, they can be out of order.

Note: By what I mean “Boop” I mean interacted with it. Like pressing the E key on keyboard and mouse, interactions I mean like pressing buttons in the game.

Note: These screenshots have stickers attached to a corner only to identify them better.

The first location of these doors are at…

Going behind the timepiece and hopping on that train then riding it to where it stops should get you to the door. Also note that after “booping” all the other doors… remember this location of the door as you need to return to it after your done “booping”.

The second location of these doors is… back at the previous area before the big one. (Where you did the 15 electric pon mini mission)

The third location of these doors are at…

The second jump after the first in the yellow/orange train, or this area is better called… The 2 Cans Platform

The final location of these doors are…

Near a cat train entrance! This door is rather sneaky, to find it… look around the entrances and exits on where the cat trains go.

What happens now?

Well after you “boop” all of the doors… you should get a cutscene where it reveals a new door!
Remember the screenshot that you need to remember for later?

Go to the newly opened door and you should see something like this…

Go into the newly revealed manhole to find…

Yup its exactly as you think it would be… A “Deathwish” like challenge! Although note that it isn’t as long as a normal Deathwish and there is also health pons too!

So it should not be too challenging as you can recover your health if you make a mistake or two.

Whats the reward?

Well if you completed this challenge and managed to get to the end of the challenge to enter another room…
You should get some confetti and some lights to reveal your prize!
Note: I already collected the sticker so it wont appear for me again, so instead have a mockup of where the sticker would be if you completed the challenge for your first time.

And that’s about it! After this point you should have collected the “Wowza!” sticker!


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