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Mordhau – Survive Group Fights

Survive Group Fights I have NEVER done a guide cept one joke one, so forgive me […]

Survive Group Fights

I have NEVER done a guide cept one joke one, so forgive me as this may be a bit difficult for me to interpret this all. And look sloppy from a professional view-point.

But still let us begin!

Rules of Survival

Now I personally call it the “Rules of Survival” But until I find a better name. It’s on you to remember these few rules I keep note of with a description.

Not all fights will yield results

Don’t expect ya self to win every 1v2 It’s not going to happen. Embracing Death and learning will make you stronger. One loss of a fight can lead into 3 wins.
And even if you die in the fight. Take the time to understand HOW you died. I try my best to avoid getting mad at a death that was clearly my fault and been avoided.

You also got the map to coordinate your next attack. Strategy is good as anything in all games and situations. It’s best you take advantage when your alive and dead.


Most important rule of them all, Learning to take advantage of the situation and put thought into your actions will drastically increase survival. It’s best you take full note and practice your quick wits if you want to win.

Mindset & Body language

This term is how your opponent is fighting and how he acts.
If he’s a twitchy lad that dodges it’s best you close the distance and carefully place your attacks as he might dodge and strike back.
If your opponent was aiming for your head you can duck under the attack!
That’s right DUCKING If you crouch and look down you COMPLETELY avoid a swing going for the head which allows you to strike your opponent!
If the opponent is going for your legs than do the unthinkable and JUMP and STRIKE !
Think and watch how they fight. And knock the lights out of your opponent with a counter strategy!


Priority, this is for the target you wish to attack. Do you want to attack the weaker opponent? Or strike at the newly approaching foe and catch him off guard? As said in Adapting this can be a key factor in your survival.
Take very careful note as well of WHAT your opponent is using and wearing. If he’s using light armor, aim for him. Opponent not wearing a helmet or hat? Go for the head. Opponent with Spear? Chamber thrust attacks and get close. Take really good note of how you approach your opponents.


This strategy is when you parry one attack of the opponent and attack the other. This will screw the timing of your attacks, throwing your opponents in a loop and disrupt their timing when parrying.
Take an action per opponent to take advantage of this as a start.

Never out of sight

The enemies will always try and flank,surround and strike together. Never let them do that Keep them in your focus and keep track of their movement. If they go out of your sight you best change your strategy or you’ll be another casualty of war.


This is about as important as Priority. Where you are matters the most. The high ground, back against the wall. It’s all where you are to matter the most. Is the enemy leaving a gap in the middle? Take advantage and push through them!

Friendly Fire

Not gonna lie. If the enemy accidentally team kills the person who was also attacking you, Not only you got lucky as hell. But ya know how stupid people can SOMETIMES be in games.
Not gonna sugar coat it. passively throw the enemies in a loop and get them to hurt each other. Especially those who use long range swinging weapons like the Zwei or Executioner Sword.

Friendly perk or not the lower their health the better your odds.

Whiffing and Punish

My favorite Terms of Fighting Games!

This strategy is being light on your feet and knowing the range of the weapons of the game!
If an opponent misses an attack they are left completely open for the second, leaving you to punish them with an attack! This works when you step out of the range of their attack and close the distance once they throw an attack that was missed. Going back and forth is a great way to keep pace of your opponents and watch their actions.
Be warned that if they planned on whiffing they can attack again. Some weapons however [Executioner Sword,Maul] can only be swung once. But if they miss, LET EM HAVE IT!


Seriously you gotta learn your Feints and Morphs this is critical if you want that easy kill. A simple feint is enough to catch someone off and score a kill leading to an easier fight. You can Morph your chambers. Practice it and take advantage of it.

Agressive Play

Your gonna have to change how you play once you get into the mess of things. NEVER let them be the ones to go on the offensive you show them you are a threat to be delt with. Attacking blindly is one thing but If you going on the offensive take note they will defend. Referring back to Feints and Morphs aggressive play gives you brief window of time to do one of these moves to kill your opponent. NEVER STOP MOVING!


Soo I’m not really sure how I can explain or paint a picture for you with just words, so I decided to make a really bad scenario drawing with Paint to give you an idea on how I normally survive 1v2s and such as. Note:This is basically how I would normally deal with a 1v2 not all of these fights will play out as it should

So let’s say you are in a 1v2 Right? Red being the enemy and Blue being you.
You are fighting one and the second one starts to run towards you. Intent on helping his teammate.
In a case like this for example here’s a method I would do:

In this picture it’s shown that I would adapt by taking a better position push into the middle gap of the two opponents already prepped to swing at the new enemy.
However I face towards the same opponent to not give the second Enemy an idea I was Prioritizing Him. This way as indicated on the white line it shows my swing will hit him while I look towards the other opponent. It could either hit or be parried but It’s better to catch him off guard knowing I did something. Even still as I push past the two and turn around I have them completely In my view so they won’t do anything behind my back or surround me. I would focus heavily on Being aggressive If it means a kill on an enemy to even the odds. They need to also adjust but like I said you are the one in charge of the fight not them. This way If all things according I successfully beated two enemies at the same time.

Why defense won’t normally work out

I don’t like walking backwards and taking the brunt of attacks because a few things is a problem

1.It will quickly drain stamina due to you parrying/blocking and you won’t get the chance to fight back. Ending up Dying tired.

2.More enemies can spawn and that 1v2 that you could’ve won just became an impossible feat.

3.This is ASKING TO GET surrounded by the enemy.

Originally posted by author:
Personally I don’t perfer the method but it’s still the only option if things are not in your favor. If you have to do this than so be it but try to take control of the fight, not them.

End [And Tips]

This is the part where I say something meaningful and review what we learned but you can just scroll up and remember let’s be honest.

If this guide in fact helped you improve your understanding or even help you survive just a tad bit. I’ve done my job and did what I could. And I’m happy this helped you even just the tiniest of bits.

I never do guides but I love this game to much to give up on players who quit due to unfair fights.

But I do have a few things to say a little Tip because I didn’t have a place to put it here.

I might update Tips over time so feel free to come back here for new tips!

Helpful Tips

Shields:If you encounter an enemy with a shield. Aggressive play can help you out. You gotta be really close to the opponent and Kick him. IF done right you can attack instantly giving you a free hit and him with a drop in stamina [I perfer thrusting as it’s safer]

In unfair fights of the shield I prioritize the one not using a shield. As Shield users [Like me If I use my Messer/Heater] Often turtle behind it. So don’t focus on them unless their weak.
Another way is to use aggressive play and go around their shield and strike them there.
Often or not you might get a hit if you do it correctly.

Kicks:You can morph into kick. This is how you can beat shield users once you get close to them.
Kicks despite costing stamina, DRAINS stamina from the opponent. This is why aggressive play against “Shield” users can lead to them losing their only defense.
Also it’s fun kicking them if they back their selves into a corner.

Billhook : It has a special feature that allows you to draw enemies in upon attacking them. This can be useful if you get tired of them moving backwards from you.

Light Helmets : Sadly these are praactically useless against strong,two handed weapons.
But chances are it might just save your life with clinging on to 10 HP from a single hit.

Lute Fun fact the Lute is Stronger than the Training sword. So it’s basically better if you are stuck fighting with it.

Fire Bombs Fire Bombs actually deal Objective and Structure Damage. So if you have to take down the barricade in Grad for example. Throwing a Firebomb will deal significant damage to it without you even touching it!

Friendly Fire If for some reason you Teamkill because they were bloody and mistaken for Red. Just Press the H Key and it will put a marker over ALL YOUR ALLIES on the map.

This also means you can turn off the team color thing and never mistake your team for enemies.

Kills and confirmed hits If you kill someone you gain 25 HP [100 if using Blood lust] And if you hit a enemy you gain back 20 stamina per hit. So always land your shots for stamina and never give up until that HP goes to Zip 0!

Leg Armor If you see someone fully armored with a greatsword or a Zwei hander of all things. They don’t have leg armor at all. Best aim for it and be done with that guy.

Throwing On some weapons that can be thrown like the Arming sword. You can morph into throw. I’m not sure how exactly but I DO know over head attacking looks like throwing it so you can feint it and throw it.

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