Across the Obelisk

Across the Obelisk: Best Builds & Decks

Win with confidence using our Across the Obelisk Best Builds guide, perfect for starting teams.

Welcome to our Across the Obelisk Best Builds guide. This guide is guaranteed to win with the starting team. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Across the Obelisk game.

Across the Obelisk Builds

Winning Structures for the Starting Team for every character in this guide!

Magnus Builds

Magnus Starting Build

Across the Obelisk Magnus Build
Magnus Minimum Starting Deck

Magnus Big Spender Build

Magnus Big Spender Deck Build
Magnus Big Spender Deck

Magnus Final Build

Magnus Final Deck Build
Magnus Final Deck

Andrin Builds

Andrin Starting Build

Across the Obelisk Andrin Build
Andrin Starting Build

Andrin Big Spender Deck

Andrin Big Spender Deck
Andrin Big Spender Deck

Andrin Final Build

Andrin Final Build
Andrin Final Deck

Evelyn Builds

You just roll with what you get on her by default.

Evelyn Final Build

Evelyn Final Deck Build
Evelyn Final Deck

Reginald Builds

Same as Evelyn just roll with the default. Upgrade Barrier so it heals and vanishes (GOLDEN).

Reginald Final Build

Reginald Final Deck Build
Reginald Final Deck

Best Equipments for Builds

In order to win the game you don’t necessarily need to have a full build of equipment as it is in the pictures. I wasn’t able to acquire all the exact pieces and I still managed to win without any big problems.

My advice is to focus on getting as many items on your damage dealer Andrin, while watching out which similar items you can squeeze in for other heroes.

Also I didn’t have any pets besides the rabbit on Andrin.

WARNING for Andrin Berserker Claw:

Without the mosquito pet you WILL need a way to purge the blood stacks generated by Fury/Rage.
I used Reginald Panacea and a few other cards with dispel in his deck.

If you don’t find a way to deal with the blood stacks, then they will kill Andrin so in that case it might be better to use another item like Flaming Sword which will stack more Powerful on him.

Magnus Equipments

Magnus Equipment
Magnus Equipment

Andrin Equipments

Andrin Equipment
Andrin Equipment

Evelyn Equipments

Evelyn Equipment
Evelyn Equipment

Reginald Equipments

Reginald Equipment
Reginald Equipment

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