Where to Find Embersoul in Strange Horticulture

We’ll show you Where to Find Ember Soul in this Strange Horticulture guide. You can find […]

We’ll show you Where to Find Ember Soul in this Strange Horticulture guide. You can find the ember soul by following the guide step by step. Below we have listed all the characteristics of the ember spirit for you.

Where to Find Embersoul?

Bethany Coleman will come to ask you to leave an offering on the Altar of Arduinna. Where is that? Well, she leaves us a sort of map. The location we must get to is very easy to identify: open up your map and overlay Bethany’s card on it, and you’ll soon note that the coordinates we must get to are on I19.

Strange Horticulture Embersoul Location
Strange Horticulture Embersoul Location

Once in this Altar, you’ll be able to offer either some Cauldery or some Embersoul. Which one you offer affects possible Endings, but not the puzzle itself, so we won’t be covering that here.


Strange Horticulture Embersoul
Strange Horticulture Embersoul
  • Name: Embersoul.
  • Scientific Name: Animo Ignis.
  • Close Inspection: “It is quite easy to cut oneself on the jagged leaves, as I have just found out”.

One of the easiest ways to identify the Embersoul is crosschecking the ‘Voynich’ description with the one under ‘Close Inspection’: it has a lot of wide, green serrated leaves whose sharpness can hurt whoever holds the Embersoul. The flowers, meanwhile, are rather uncharacteristic – they come in pairs, each growing out of a different bulbous structure. Both have thirteen greenish petals, united by a yellow centre.

How to get Embersoul?

  • Day 10 card Explore K11.


Strange Horticulture Cauldery
Strange Horticulture Cauldery
  • Name: Cauldery.
  • Scientific Name: Acutus Major.
  • Close Inspection: “The flowers are deep blue. Quite beautiful, really”.

This one grows from a ‘tube’ of sorts, out of which five thin curved stems come out. Small and diametrically opposed leaves grow to both sides of each stem, before they end in a five-petaled deep-blue flower that points upwards, along with its stamen.

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