Against the Storm Production Spreadsheet

Welcome to our Against the Storm Production Spreadsheet guide. Ever wondered what trade/luxury product you can […]

Welcome to our Against the Storm Production Spreadsheet guide. Ever wondered what trade/luxury product you can make from the building you’re choosing? What your fading lizards and harpies need but won’t say? Plan better, here’s a spreadsheet.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Against the Storm game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Against the Storm guide.

Against the Storm Production Spreadsheet

This guide includes a spreadsheet that includes:

  • Services per race
  • Requirements per race
  • Product Production Lines (Product, building, need resources and buildings)

We still have some buildings that we haven’t unlocked.

The Spreadsheet

There you go:

Last Words

If you find this useful, I might eventually go ahead and make a cute little web page that you can tick on/off according to the resource/building you select and provide a more pleasingly visual way to see what production lines you’re in progress of completing, or can already make – and how it affects your villagers according to race.

It might take a while, but will be done if there’s demand.

About Against the Storm

You are the Viceroy – a leader charged by the Scorched Queen to reclaim the wilderness and discover lost riches for the Smoldering City, civilization’s last bastion against the Blightstorm that destroyed the old world. Unlike most survival city builders where your focus is on a single city, in Against the Storm you must build a vast, prosperous network of settlements populated by diverse fantasy races, each with their own specializations and needs.

But the wilderness holds many hidden dangers, and never-ending storms will batter your population into submission. If your settlements should fall, then the expedition may end – but not the game. Against the Storm is a roguelite city builder, meaning you will carry forward the resources, upgrades, and experience of your past expeditions each time you set off for a new journey into the wild.

Beavers and lizards stand alongside humans and harpies in the struggle to survive. Utilize each group’s strengths as you balance varying needs, from housing and culinary preferences to taste in luxuries and recreation. Manufacture raincoats, brew ale, and bake pies to boost morale in the face of the oppressive hostility of the forest.

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