Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Build Order of Migration

Build Order of Migration


  • 6 vils on sheep
  • 5 vils on wood
  • 1 vil build dock
  • 6 vils on deer from sheep
  • 4 fishing ships on big fish
  • 6 vils on sheep
  • 2 vils to wood
  • Click Feudal Age
  • Send 7 vils on 2nd lumbercamp
  • Send 5 vils on gold mine
  • Build 2nd dock

FEUDAL AGE:(10:00-10:30)

  • Research double-bit Axe
  • Queue up fire galleys in all 3 docks
  • Queue 4-6 villagers on berries
  • Build 3rd dock
  • Build mill
  • Build blacksmith
  • Build market
  • Transition over to galleys
  • Click Castle Age


  • Push deer as soon as you find them.
  • Try to calculate when pushing deer,
    so that you can switch right
    before sheep depletes.
  • Build the dock and start fishing
    as soon as possible,
    try to place it on an edge
    close to deep sea for big fish.
  • As your sheep and deers begin to deplete,
    send 4-6 vils to berries.
  • Do not over-queue, in the beginning
    try to only queue 2 f/galleys at a time.
  • Start transitioning over to massing galleys
    as you get close to clicking up to castle age.

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