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Decal Placement Decal General Settings Decal general placement settings are as follows: X and Y axis: […]

Decal Placement

Decal General Settings

Decal general placement settings are as follows:

  • X and Y axis: Adjustment along a flat plane, which defaults to the top of the vehicle body.
  • Pitch and Roll: Clockwise or counterclockwise rotations around either X or Y axis (pitch adjusting front to back or vice versa and roll adjusting to either side).
  • Yaw: Rotation around the central point where the X and Y axis intersect.

It should also be noted that the bars for each setting consist of 100 steps, totaling a rotation of 360 degrees in the case of Pitch, Yaw & Roll.

Although these values are not currently visible in the UI it is possible to count manually (a controller makes this quite easy though keyboard should also work).

Taking a starting point at the left of each bar as zero, the default value for X and Y axes is 50, whilst the Pitch, Yaw and Roll default to values of 0, 75 and 0 respectively. (And yes, this means that increasing the value of Yaw to 100 gives a max of 90 degrees clockwise rotation from the default setting, so you may have to work backwards for some values instead)

Below are a few examples of different settings after small adjustments to give an idea of what they do. The first is the same Warlander image used above (X axis +60)

The next is Pitch offset to +3 (due to the very flat body of the vehicle small changes to the pitch are very noticeable here)

And Yaw +78

Due to the manner in which decals display on the sides of the vehicles it is difficult to differentiate in a screenshot between Y axis and Roll movement though some tips involving Roll are detailed in the next section.

Pitch or Roll?

So one thing I have seen mentioned many times is that people would like to place decals on the underside of the vehicle, and whilst there is no way to currently view the underside of a vehicle in the Garage, it’s still possible to place the decals without a problem. Either Pitch or Roll will do this, if set to a value of +50.

For example the Pitch setting at +50 appears like this when the vehicle is turned over in-game:

Note how adjusting Pitch to +50 has placed our decal on the underside of the vehicle, but being a rotational adjustment around the Y axis it has resulted in the reversal of the front and rear of the decal itself!

Using Roll instead will result in the decal orientation remaining the same:

Note: This could also be achieved using Yaw to correct the rotation by setting a value of +25 (instead of the default +75) alongside the Pitch +50.

Other Possibilities

It’s possible to use these settings to place decals in a lot of ways that you might not expect. Rotations of Pitch outside of 50 or zero settings can result in decals being centered on the front or rear of the vehicle in some cases, such as placing a logo or image on the dozer blade of the Jackal:

Or the front panel of the Juggernaut:

Just remember that for whatever value you set for Pitch or Roll, Yaw always rotates in direct relation to the new X/Y plane. For example taking the brightly colored Jackal shown above and reducing the Yaw value from 100 to 95, we see this:

It’s not always possible to do these things with all decals at all scales and on all vehicles, so the best way to see is to experiment with it on your vehicle of choice.

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