Age of Wonders 4 Item Forge Weapon Infusions

Rule your fantasy world in Age of Wonders 4 with the right items and weapons. Our guide on Item Forge Weapon Infusions provides essential insights for protection!

Rule a fantasy world of your own design in Age of Wonders 4! So what kind of items and weapons should you use when ruling this world? How should you protect them? We will answer your questions with the information in this Age of Wonders 4 Item Forge Weapon Infusions guide!

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Age of Wonders 4 Item Forge Weapon Infusions

How will you protect weapons in Age of Wonders 4? Here’s Part 1 of the item forge infusion guide: Protecting Weapons! The information in this Age of Wonders 4 Item Forge Weapon Infusions guide will help you!

Damage Infusions

Fireforge Stone

  • 1x Fire Damage on Weapons
  • 2x Arc Fire (Fire/Lightning) on Orbs/Staffs

Archon Blood

  • 1x Frost Damage on Weapons
  • 2x Death Bolts (Frost/Blight) on Orbs/Staffs

Astral Dew

  • 1x Lightning Damage on Weapons

Silvertongue Fruit

  • 1x Blight Damage on Weapons

Rainbow Clover

  • 1x Radiant Damage on Weapons
  • 2x Radiant Bolts (Spirit/Fire) for Orbs/Staffs

Passive Infusions

Arcanium Ore

  • 1x Inflict Sundered Defense
  • 2x 40% Damage to Construct Units
  • 40% Damage to Dragon Units
  • Inflict Immobilized

Focus Crystals

  • 1x +1 Range (ranged only)
  • Inflict Marked
  • 50% Retaliation damage (Melee only)
  • 2x 40% Damage to Elemental Units
  • Inflict Stunned
  • 100% Retaliation damage (Melee only)

Fireforge Stone

  • 1x Inflict Burning
  • 2x +40% Damage to Plant Units
  • 3x Inflict Insanity

Archon Blood

  • 1x Life Steal (Melee only)
  • 2x Inflict Diseased
  • 3x Inflict Decaying

Astral Dew

  • 1x Inflict Status Vulnerability
  • Inflict Sundered Resistance
  • 2x +40 Damage to Magic Origin Units
  • Inflict Frozen

Tranquility Pool

  • 1x Inflict Slowed
  • Inflict Weakened
  • Inflict Wet
  • 2x 40% Damage to Celestial Units
  • 40% Damage to Undead Units

Haste Berries

  • 1x Frenzy
  • Inflict Distracted
  • 2x 40% Damage to Large Target units
  • Inflict Blinded
  • Extra Retaliation (Melee only)

Silvertongue Fruit

  • 1x Inflict Condemned
  • Inflict Poisoned
  • 2x 40% Damage to Hero Units
  • Inflict Despairing
  • Inflict Taunted

Rainbow Clover

  • 1x 20% Crit Chance
  • 2x 30% Crit Chance
  • 40% Damage To Fiend Units

Ability Infusions


  • Archon Blood
    • 1x Assassinate
  • Haste Berries
    • 2x Whirlwind Strike
  • Fireforge Stone
    • 3x Consume Chaos
  • Arcanium Ore
    • 1x Power Cleave


  • Focus Crystals
    • 1x Lightning Strike
    • 2x Inversion
  • Archon Blood
    • 1x Raise Dead
  • Tranquility Pool
    • 1x Hindering Blizzard
    • 3x Resurrection
  • Haste Berries
    • 1x Conjure Animal
    • 2x Animate Flora
    • 3x Polymorph
  • Silvertongue Fruit
    • 1x Summon Spider
    • 3x Domination
    • Summon Spider Monarch
  • Rainbow Clover
    • x3 Mass Heal
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