Lethal Company Monsters Guide

Master Lethal Company's monsters: our guide details steps, characteristics, weaknesses, and combat strategies for each in the game.

In Lethal Company, there are many steps you need to take to deal with monsters. In this detailed monster guide, we explain the characteristics, weaknesses, and how to combat all the monsters in the game.

Lethal Company Monsters

In Lethal Company, there are many monsters with various characteristics. Below, we have explained the features of these monsters and how to deal with them.

Brackens: The Flower Man

  • Appearance: Bipedal with red beet-like skin and leaves on the spine.
  • Behavior: Intelligent, aggressive when cornered, but backs off when confronted.

Brackens, also known as the Flower Man, are mysterious creatures with a distinct appearance. They are bipedal vertebrates with skin resembling a red beet. The name “Bracken” comes from the leaves protruding from their upper spine, believed to be for intimidation. Despite their elusiveness, accounts suggest high aggression when unprovoked, emphasizing the need to avoid confrontation and observe from a safe distance.

Circuit Bees: Red Bees

  • Appearance: Recognizable red, hairy bodies with two sets of wings.
  • Behavior: Highly defensive, electrostatic charge, aggressive swarming (Sigurd’s danger level: 90%).

Circuit Bees, commonly referred to as Red Bees, are eusocial insects descended from honey bees. They are recognizable by their red, hairy bodies and two sets of wings. Known for their intelligent social behavior, these bees exhibit a unique electrostatic charge. When provoked, they engage in aggressive swarming, leaving only the queen and drones behind. Exercise extreme caution as their danger level, according to Sigurd, stands at 90%.

Earth Leviathan

  • Appearance: Massive invertebrate with unknown biology.
  • Behavior: Predatory, burrows up to 40 meters underground, detects vibrations.

The Earth Leviathan, a massive invertebrate, remains largely a mystery due to its elusive nature. Speculated to be a predator, it exhibits incredible burrowing abilities, reaching depths of up to 40 meters. Caution is advised, as they can detect even the slightest vibrations. To survive encounters, it’s recommended to avoid stillness if they are nearby and retrace your steps upon hearing their burrowing.

Eyeless Dogs

  • Appearance: Blind mammals resembling “breathing lions.”
  • Behavior: Blind, hunts in packs, reacts to sound. Stay silent to avoid detection.

Eyeless Dogs are blind mammals resembling “breathing lions.” They hunt in large packs, reacting to sound. To evade their attention, players should stay silent and crouch away if detected. Their blindness makes them reliant on sound, providing an advantage if approached with caution. Exercise patience and silence to navigate safely in their presence.

Forest Keepers (Giants)

  • Appearance: Large creatures with markings resembling eyes.
  • Behavior: Curious like a human child, dangerous to observe. Stay low and use cover.

Forest Keepers, often referred to as Giants, inhabit specific biomes and boast distinctive eye-like markings. Despite their childlike curiosity, they pose a danger to observers. To avoid confrontation, it’s crucial to stay low and use available cover. Forest Keepers are generally isolated, making it easier to break line of sight and evade their detection.

Hoarding Bugs

  • Appearance: Large insects with transparent bodies.
  • Strategies: Escape the area, engage in combat with shovels and stop signs, or drop items from your inventory.

Hoarding Bugs, large social insects, exhibit peculiar behaviors. When encountering them, players have three main strategies. Firstly, escape the area, as these bugs are slightly faster even when sprinting. Secondly, engage in combat using shovels and stop signs, leveraging the player’s ability to out-DPS the Hoarding Bug. Lastly, drop items from the inventory, diverting the Bug’s attention to the items and allowing a safe escape.


  • Appearance: Large birds with four wings.
  • Behavior: Generally passive, but can transmit diseases. Be cautious during encounters.

Manticoils, large birds with four wings, are generally passive towards humans. However, caution is necessary as they have the potential to transmit diseases such as Rabies, Rubenchloria, and Pitt Virus. Despite their passive demeanor, maintaining distance and avoiding close contact is advisable to mitigate any health risks.

The Jester

  • Appearance: Unknown, no scientific records.
  • Survival Tip: Sigurd’s danger level: 90%. Evacuate immediately if encountered.

The Jester is a mysterious and unidentified entity with no scientific records. Despite the lack of information, Sigurd has assigned a danger level of 90%, emphasizing the need for immediate evacuation upon encountering this enigmatic creature. There are no specific survival strategies due to the limited knowledge, making rapid evacuation the safest course of action.

Bunker Spiders

Bunker spiders are a common sight in Lethal Company, recognized by their tapping noise while spinning webs. Once they complete their web, they stick to a wall and wait for prey. Web contact triggers their movement, and it slows down your speed. Destroy webs with a shovel or stop sign. Though slow, they deal significant damage, so avoid bites. Team up for better efficiency in killing them. If a teammate falls, the spider cocoons them, preventing recovery.


Coil-heads employ a Weeping Angels mechanic; active observation is crucial to prevent them from advancing. Although looking at them usually halts their movement, occasionally they may creep closer even under observation. They block passages, necessitating careful navigation. Having a teammate is beneficial; one can monitor the monster while the other guides the way, enhancing survival chances.


Encounter the colorful blob known as a hygrodere frequently. Slow-moving, it can be jumped over or avoided by climbing onto railings. Touching it inflicts substantial damage, and two touches result in death. Exercise caution near corners to avoid getting cornered. While slow, it can be problematic, so strategic navigation is essential for survival.

Roaming Locusts

Recognizable by their buzzing, roaming locusts are harmless critters scattering upon approach. Their presence adds to the ambient atmosphere, and there is no threat posed by their existence.

Snare Fleas

Hanging on ceilings, snare fleas drop with a screech when someone passes beneath. They blind and slowly kill if they latch onto your back. A shovel or stop sign can kill them, making teamwork essential for survival. If alone, reaching the exit is the only escape, as they die upon your departure.

Spore Lizards

Spore lizards, identified by their tail with a purple ball, are mostly harmless but annoying. Startled, they emit a screech before running away. If cornered, they deal minor damage and emit spores, affecting your vision. The spores turn your surroundings Barbie pink temporarily.


Thumpers, land sharks, produce loud dragging and thumping sounds while hunting prey. Deaf but visually acute, they charge and gain speed during chases. Taking corners is the best strategy to reduce their speed, as they lose momentum while changing directions.

Monster Locations

Below, you can find the locations of indoor and outdoor monsters in the Lethal Company.

Outdoor Monsters

  1. Roaming Locusts
    • Found in open areas, scattered when approached.
  2. Manticoils
    • Soaring through the sky, enhancing outdoor backgrounds.
  3. Circuit Bees
    • Guarding nests scattered across outdoor environments.
  4. Hoarding Bugs
    • Wandering throughout the landscape, claiming loot.
  5. Eyeless Dogs
    • Roaming in packs, relying on sound.
  6. Forest Keepers
    • Inhabiting dense forest areas.
  7. Earth Leviathan
    • Encountered in subterranean environments.

Indoor Monsters

  1. Hoarding Bug
    • Infesting indoor bunkers.
  2. Bunker Spiders
    • Lurking near walls and doorways inside bunkers.
  3. Thumper
    • Found in confined indoor spaces.
  4. Snare Fleas
    • Dropping from vents inside bunkers.
  5. Coil Head
    • Skulking in indoor environments, moving when not seen.
  6. Bracken
    • Solitary hunters with high intelligence.
  7. Hygrodere
    • Slow-moving and colorful.
  8. Spore Lizard
    • Rare indoor creature resembling the Frog Monster.
  9. Ghost Girl
    • Haunts bunkers, focusing on one player at a time.
  10. Jesters
    • Wind-up boxes following players.


  1. Turrets
    • Stationary traps scanning for players.
  2. Landmines
    • Metallic discs exploding when stepped on or items are dropped.

Navigate these locations wisely, adventurer, and may your survival skills shine in the world of Lethal Company!

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