Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Judgement Trial

Navigate the Robomando judicial case in Risk of Rain Returns. Our guide on Robomando Judgement Trial provides details to help you overcome this curious situation!

Has anyone really been Decried with Robomando? In Risk of Rain Returnsthe Robomando judicial case, this is a very curious situation. So how do you get out of it? Here are the details in our Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Judgement Trial guide that will show you the information you need.

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Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Judgement Trial

Here’s an attempted Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Judgement Trial guide on how to get through this nightmare.

Starting Items

For stage one I’d recommend Guardian’s Heart. It’s by far the most valuable item in this entire run until we hit a certain point where it’s going to not matter as much. It’s protects you from taking a chunk of permanent damage from 1 hit. If it runs out, run like a little.

Robomando Judgement Trial

Stage one

I’d recommend for the stage strategy to first of all group all the lemurians up and try to take em out on the top platform, if the missile elites happen to fall of the stage when they spawn in, even better.

Once they’re taken care of use the rope to your advantage, jump down only when you got
DE-ESCALATE. Use it and jump back on the rope. Repeat till jellyfish arrive.

When they do arrive kill them ASAP. They can and will destroy the poor boi.

Repeat the rope thing till everything is dead to finish stage one.

Stage 2 Items

For stage 2, trust me with this one. We’re taking ancient scepter. I know I know, you’re telling me hey guide guy, why are we taking something that doesn’t help us at all what so ever?

Robomando Judgement Trial
You may be right for now but hold onto it for now and take these other items.

Hopoo Feather. This is absolutely a must grab because we’re going to be jumping over enemies 24/7 and this lets us avoid unwanted damage.

Robomando Judgement Trial

Gasoline is the best option to grab on the top right. Helps with crowds.

Robomando Judgement Trial

And the last one in the bottom right is up for personal preference, I chose the Prison Shackles

Robomando Judgement Trial

Stage 2

Ok, stage 2. This one is tough but if you can get past it, it’s only easier from here.

First of all IMMEDIATELY prioritize killing the frenzied crabs, they are an absolute nightmare to deal with if left unchecked. Utilize the top of the arena to stay away from the majority of the enemies, eventually the dumb missile lemurians will spawn in, this is ok. if you can get them up to where the crabs are you can utilize the piercing of DE-ESCALATE. Once again if your shield goes down, run like the wind to the other side of the arena until it comes back.

Now this stage has so many jellyfish it’s not even funny. Running back and forth, try and group all of them up into one big ball and when you make laps around the arena, try and time your piercing shot on all of them. If you miss, that’s ok. Just keep running back and forth till they are all dead.

At this point the magma worm has probably spawned or is about to spawn soon, I’d recommend clearing the enemies by doing the same strategy as I listed above for the ground mobs. Just keep running from side to side using piercing.

Once you kill the mobs it should be easy enough to take care of the big boi himself.

Stage 3 Items

Now, for stage 3. If you’re struggling to live or do well under the pressure, I’d heavily recommend the stop watch. It can save your life if you get caught in a pinch, personally though I chose the sawmerang for it’s huge damage output.

Robomando Judgement Trial
Robomando Judgement Trial

Backup Mags are your main damage outside your equipment.

Robomando Judgement Trial

Rusty knife is fairly handy to have for a bit extra damage but you can also choose crit if you’d prefer

Robomando Judgement Trial

And for the last item I’d recommend beating embryo. The embryo can and will shred enemies and also have a different use later!

Robomando Judgement Trial

Stage 3

For stage 3 it’s relatively easy. I’d recommend staying up top and standing up top on these mushrooms. If imps start to spawn in jump to the one in the red circle. Afaik they cant teleport on top of it. If the enemies with the projectiles are troubling you take them out first before going there.

Robomando Judgement Trial

When the lynx totem spawns, any of her minions she summons can not shoot at you if you stand on the mushroom I mentioned above. So use that to your advantage by dropping down when you have your equipment slot ready. And when you do that run back.

Repeat until all enemies are taken care of!

Stage 4 Items

For the boss item I recommend taking Ifrit’s Horn. It can help in a pinch.

Robomando Judgement Trial

Take another rusty knife for extra bleed chance

Robomando Judgement Trial

Another backup mag for extra shots

Robomando Judgement Trial

And for the last one take the ukulele. The aoe is very handy.

Robomando Judgement Trial

Stage 4

This one is a bit trickier with all the mobs around so prioritize the healing bugger on the top right and the missile parent when they spawn in asap. When they’re dead try and group up all the little orphans around the map and make them climb the rope on the left side up. when they all come up, spam DE-ESCALATE and jump to the other side of the stage. repeat until they are all dead.

The ancient wisp isn’t too much of a threat. Should be an easy stage with your items.

Stage 5 Items

The LAST STAGE till godhood. I’d recommend taking the ukulele for even more aoe

Robomando Judgement Trial

I’d take the crit for the next item.

Robomando Judgement Trial

100% take the atg missile, great damage.

Robomando Judgement Trial

And for the last item before godhood, take predatory instincts

Robomando Judgement Trial

Final stage before godhood

Rush the boss ASAP. As soon as he dies it’s basically over. The enemies are straightforward enough.

The God Item


Ya did it, remember when I asked you to take the scepter? Yeah now we gaming. Take the Captains brooch equipment and start spawning as many chests as you can. The scepter gives you a 20% chance to double any item in a chest you open. And the beating embryo has a 20% chance to spawn 2 chests.

Robomando Judgement Trial

You’ve basically won the game now if you keep spawning them. Put on a youtube video to celebrate victory while you wait out that timer for a easy win

Written by Pakkue

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