Roboquest Guardian IV Guide

Conquer Guardian IV in Roboquest with our detailed guide. Learn about the components needed and all the details for a successful encounter!

What do you know about Guardian IV in Roboquest? What do you need to clean Guardian IV? Here in this Roboquest Guardian IV guide we have explained the components you need with all the details.

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Roboquest Guardian IV Guide

We know that Roboquest players are struggling to unlock higher challenges and clean up the game, especially in Guardian Iv. That’s why we have prepared this Roboquest Guardian IV guide to help you.

1.Class Recommendation

I highly recommend opting for the Engineer class. The primary advantage lies in the effective distraction provided by the drones, significantly reducing the pressure on you. The Engineer class also boasts exceptional versatility in gameplay, allowing for tanky builds, blaster-focused setups, weapon damage configurations, or immersive drone-centric strategies. (Personally, I achieved the maximum armor bonus achievement using the Engineer class.)

2.Weapon Choices

For enhanced effectiveness, designate the buddy bot as your secondary weapon, leveraging its ability to distract enemies and create more favorable conditions.

I prefer primary weapons that swiftly handle mobs; a personal favorite is the Tesla Rifle with its Ricochet perk. However, any primary weapon that efficiently eliminates mobs can be employed.

Strategies for boss damage will be detailed later in the guide.

3.Item Recommendations

Prioritize items that boost healing efficiency. Acquiring the item and one upgrade from ability perks should suffice.

Emphasize shock damage items, aligning with the shock-focused build elaborated upon below.

Consider items that enable enemy marking, particularly beneficial for boss encounters and overall damage output.

4.Ability Perk Suggestions

  • The Dronezerker perk is exceptional, enhancing drone aggro management while increasing their damage output.Targeting Protocol facilitates precise drone commands, proving especially valuable during boss fights and when focusing damage on elites.Combining Dronezerker and Targeting Protocol results in sustained drone damage, effectively aiding their maintenance.
Additional perks based on personal preference:

Elemental Buddies with Electro: Particularly effective when paired with a shock weapon, providing substantial crowd control against formidable opponents.

Family Swarm: Amplifies drone damage output and distracts enemies further, but be cautious about drone vulnerability with each addition.

Geared Buddies: Offers an uncomplicated way to increase damage and mark enemies, with the recommendation to explore other perks if an alternative method of applying marks is consistent.


Start the run by selecting the buddy-bot and clear the path to Oasis.

Upgrade the buddy-bot to fantastic at Oasis and prioritize leveling it whenever feasible, especially if it comes with Cryo for additional crowd control.

Deploy both buddy-bots at the onset of each encounter, refreshing every 10-12 seconds. Simultaneous deployment is typically viable.

While your drones and bots engage in combat, prioritize high-value targets such as snipers, elites, and turrets to ensure your safety. Utilize marks for efficient targeting.

Address problematic enemies by using the blaster to engage the drones and apply a mark, allowing you to flank and handle other threats while your drones focus on the significant adversary.

Continuously use your blaster to generate more scrap, facilitating increased drone upkeep and overall effectiveness.

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