Spells and Secrets Puzzle Guide Act 1

Uncover hidden rooms and solve puzzles in Spells and Secrets Act 1. Our guide provides details on finding, solving, and looting all the secrets

As we explore the modern world of great Spells and Secrets, there are hidden rooms that we need to find, finds that you need to solve. So how do you find and solve them? Here this Spells and Secrets Puzzle Guide Act 1 will show you the spells and secrets, help you find and loot all the hidden rooms.

This is the guide VuurFang it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Spells and Secrets Puzzle Guide Act 1

This is a Spells & Secrets Puzzle Act 1 guide that will help people who really want to find all the Secrets of Spells and secrets by helping you to find and loot all the hidden rooms.

Act 1 – Temple Portrait

Once you find this specific portrait

Puzzle Guide Act 1

You have to look no further than to the left and right of this portrait are 4 other portraits just adjust the portraits as follow (from left to right)

  • 1st one on the left should NOT be aligned
  • 2nd one should be aligned
  • 3rd one should be aligned
  • 4th on should not be aligned

Puzzle Guide Act 1

Then you have completed the puzzle and will be rewarded

Act 1 – Glow Orb in Fountain

Once you find one of these

Puzzle Guide Act 1

All you need to do is use either your Freeze or Barrage spell on it

Act 1 – Flame Portrait

Puzzle Guide Act 1

just shoot it with your Bombard spell

Act 1 or 3 – Chess

The chess is Hard to put in to 1 guide because most chess puzzles repeat

Puzzle Guide Act 1

but just capture the King with one of the Pieces on the side (bishop,rook and knight)

in this chess puzzle all i had to do is move the bishop so that it could checkmate the king

Act 1 – Man and Gramaphone

Puzzle Guide Act 1

For this you would need to find the Boom Box on that floor and place it close to the portrait and put it on to play music

Act 1 – Garden Scene

Puzzle Guide Act 1

In this room where it looks like a garden and there are 4 patches of grass you will normally find 2 Vases that you need to break but you have to break them before they respawn it takes 6-7 sec to respawn

Written by VuurFang

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