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Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build

How to play faith in Alien Swarm Reactive Drop? If you don’t know the answer, we […]

How to play faith in Alien Swarm Reactive Drop? If you don’t know the answer, we have a detailed guide for you! This guide to building faith has all the information you need. Check out our Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build guide without wasting time!

Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build

Welcome to our Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build guide. How to play faith in Alien Swarm Reactive Drop? This guide will show you! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Alien Swarm Reactive Drop game. If you <aare one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Alien Swarm Reactive Drop guide.

Statistics and Presentation

Eva “Faith” Jensen

Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build
Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build

Classe: medic Type: support Team position: third

With the maximum stats in Healing, infestation curing and the second best movement bonus Faith is without a doubt the better of the two medics in Alien swarm.

Main task:

Slow down aliens and prevent your team from getting hit.

Secondary task:

Heal your team.


Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build
Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build
Tesla Cannon:

Medics’ main mission is to protect their team and to prevent the aliens from touching your allies as much as possible, for that nothing better than the Tesla cannon.
One of the big aventagles of the tesla cannon and that it is impossible to do damage to your allies.
In addition to electrocuting the aliens and applying a slow to them, it is capable, like all weapons, to applying a “mini stun” to your opponents during the first damage tik.
Thought of using tapping with this weapon to save ammo, it also makes it easier to control the mini stun.

Mini stun: Interrupts the actions of enemies in progress if well timed.

However, beware, Tesla cannon has some drawbacks to consider.
Allies and props such as barrels and chairs for example, can block the tesla’s electric beam, some other objects such as doors attract the tesla’s beam.
Thought of not placing your aim in the alignment of your teammates if you wanted tesla for them.

Medical Gun:

Reason why a medic must wear medical equipment is quite obvious but why play the Medical gun and not the amp medgun or the Heal Beacons?

Well for the question of the amp medgun it’s quite simple, Faith and the medic with the highest healing capacity and which makes the classic medgun much more effective with her, moreover on large maps it can happen a lot more often to fall low in med and your role is to keep your team alive, which is not easy to do with the amp med and its low healing capacity.

As for the Heal beacons, it’s a pretty good item but it has two very big flaws, first it’s an item that forces your team to stay static and it’s very risky and secondly heals the infection with is very long and costs at least 2 beacons.

Medgun Managment:

1 medgun ammo regenerates 10 health, and healing a Marine who has lost life will cause you to consume medgun ammo no matter what.
So if a marine is missing 1HP and you heal him you would use 1 medgun ammo for 1HP and lose a potential healing of 9.

To counter this “problem” it’s quite simple, just don’t heal the marines who need to be healed at full life (try to heal them at 90 or 95% of their max health). This way you are sure to use 1 medgun ammo for 10 healing points.

Freeze Grenades:
  • The freeze grenades (or ice nades) are the extra support equipment by exelance.
  • In emergency situations, such as a horde too close to your team, too many shieldbugs per cm² or even an army of xenos close to you jumping on you, using an ice is often the right solution to all these problems.
  • Note that freeze grenades are able to stop the fire when an ally burns.

As for the Gas Grenades, I do not recommend playing them, it is not a very good item. there are situations where gas nades are correct but in this case it is more the role of second medic to wear them.

Positioning and Behavior in Game

Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build
Alien Swarm Reactive Drop Faith Build

Whether with 4 or 8 players, the best place for Faith is in the third place in the team formation, her role is to support the frontline while remaining safe behind the tank (Vegas) and the main dps (Jaeger).

It is sometimes necessary to be placed in second place in the team in order to be able to help Vegas more easily but in general you must always be the third character, and above all never be alone or be placed before the frontline.

Interaction and protection:

Most players think that the person who needs your attention the most as Faith is Vegas, it’s not that stupid but thats not the right choice in my opinion, in fact Vegas is a frontline so he’s the first to be exposed to danger and he’s a technician so if he dies it is possible that the mission stops here.

But in reality the person who needs your support the most is Jaeger, if you take care to Jaeger he will be free to do his dps as well as possible, which means that Vegas will have very good nading support and almost won’t need your tesla or your ices.
Moreover if your Jaeger plays a double grenade launcher setup (which happens quite often in very high difficulty / challenge) he will not have any personal defense weapon to deal with the aliens who could be close to him, that’s why he needs your help.

In short, if your Jaeger is fine and free from these actions your Vegas should be fine too.

With 4 players you also have to think about the backline, pay attention to Jaeger’s Fire mines, make sure that the weapon specialist can easily follow the team and help them in the event of a large horde in the back if necessary.


Helping your allies is great, but be careful not to make their job harder by trying to help them when they don’t need it.
the most common error in alien swarm is blocking, whether in vanilla or in ASBI blocking someone is very problematic and irritating.

To remedy this problem try to imagine a dead zone all around your allies, you have no right to cross this zone. it is sometimes difficult not to block with Faith because she has a lot more move speed than most other characters, but you could lower her move speed by using the crouch and make your movement near your allies more precise.

Written by Ax-now

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