Alt-Frequencies – Achievements Guide

A little guide to get all of the achievements in Alt-Frequencies. (Note: Chapter Select available after one playthrough.)

Story Achievements

Stay Tuned

Complete the tutorial.

It’s Monday!

Complete chapter one.

Students, Experts and Tall Tales

Complete chapter two.

Police and Politics

Complete chapter three.

The Raid

Complete chapter four part one.

The Vote

Complete chapter four part two.

Loop well, we’ll meet again

Complete chapter five.

Choice Achievements

RMB-1 Scoop: News One

You sent the RMB-1 scoop to News One.

RMB-1 Scoop: Talk Radio

You sent the RMB-1 scoop to Talk radio.

RMB-1 Scoop: Fresh FM

You sent the RMB-1 scoop to Fresh FM.

Chapter 3: Send the evidence to either radio station.

Kaya’s List

You sent Kaya’s list.

Jenni’s List*

You sent Jenni’s list.

Chapter 4, Part 1: Send either Kaya’s or Jenni’s statement about a list to News One.

Let Me Go

You left the time loop.

The Strength To Let Us Stay

You stayed in the time loop.

Chapter 5: Send either the Let Me Go or Let Me Stay song to Public Announcement.

Missable Achievements

Know It All

Ask A. None a relevant (???) question.

Chapter 1: Record “Farmers turned pharmacists…” from News One and send it to Talk Radio.

The Show Must Go On

Suggest a cure for Michelle’s flu.

Chapter 1: Record the “special mix of herbs” message from News One and send it to Fresh FM.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Have Sadie be broadcasted on another frequency.

Chapter 2: Record the barking on Talk Radio and send it to Campus Radio Amentos.

Failed Musician

Shame Ennis with his past.

Chapter 3: Record either Ennis’ song or Michelle’s critique from Fresh FM and send it to Talk Radio.

Baby Monitor Hacker

Disturb Fred with the voice of his manager Margot.

Chapter 3: Record Stabiliser Sound. Send to Unknown Frequency (Baby). Record Baby crying. Send to Unknown Frequency (Baby). Record any Margot dialogue and send it to News One.

Which Part Is Looping?

Learn about the Landing Plane.

Chapter 4, Part 1: Record “So if we’re in a time loop…” from Fresh FM and send it to News One.

Kinky Danceparties

Confuse Ennis with the nature of your offer.

Chapter 4, Part 2: Record “Two.” from Campus Radio Amentos and send it to Talk Radio.

Temporal Paradox

Spoil Ennis’ new song.

Chapter 5: Record Ennis’ song on and send it in to Talk Radio. It will be played once it loops again.

Time Won’t Make Us Forget

Reveal the new voice of resistance.

[Requires Jenni’s List choice]
Chapter 5: Record “and TIME WON’T MAKE US FORGET” and send it to Unknown Frequency.

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