Forager – Waterproof Achievement Guide

Waterproof Achievement Guide

The guide to get the “Waterproof” achievement. As of V1.0.2 the achievement is currently broken, but there is a way around it.

Buckle Up

Yes, the “Waterproof” achievement is currently broken, but there is a way around it.

The achievement requires a player to “build on top of every water tile”. To achieve this, you will need:

1. 1-2k of landfill. Landfill is made in the flower press building or bought from the market. I would highly suggest building a lot of markets to stack up landfill quickly.

2. Obliterator. Obliterator is the most expensive high-end tool in the game. It is made in the factory and requires 100 electronics, 100 fiberglass and 100 great skull to manufacture.

3. A lot of patience.

So you might have already covered every single water tile on your map with a bridge. Well, as of V1.0.2 that doesn’t seem to be enough to trigger the achievement. Here comes the fun part. Open up the inventory and manually use landfill from your inventory (not the toolbar) to cover every single water tile on the map, even if the tile has a bridge on it.

Here’s the difference of a water tile with a bridge on it (left) and a water tile with a bridge on it that was manually landfilled (right):

forager waterproof achievement guide

Some prebuilt structures like dungeons, tombs or temples have water tiles underneath them, make sure to manually landfill those tiles as well. After you’ve cleared out your map of all those filthy water tiles, all you have to do is select the obliterator tool, destroy one land tile and refill it to trigger the achievement. I hope your sanity was worth it.

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