Anno 1800 – Attractive City

Attractive City

City attractiveness is a new feature, which determines how your island is perceived by others. Attractive cities will bring more tourists and generate greater income. There are six factors which affect city attractiveness:

  • Culture. Culture is strictly connected with Zoo and Museum. The quality of artifacts and the rarity of animals will determine its level. You can also construct objects that will make the area more attractive.
  • Nature. Greenery not affected by the industrial revolution will improve city attractiveness.
  • Festivity. This factor is based on the happiness of your dwellers. Happy settlers will organize parades and exhibitions, which increase the rating of your city.
  • Vulgarity. Ruins and military facilities decrease your city attractiveness.
  • Pollution. The same goes for pollution – steelworks, factories and similar facilities will decrease the prestige of your island.
  • Instability. Wars and protests will also affect your city in a negative way.

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