Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition – Freezing / Crashing Problem

Freezing / Crashing Problem “THE LIST” The Workaround List: After loading whichever character you’re having issues […]

Freezing / Crashing Problem

The Workaround List:

  • After loading whichever character you’re having issues w/ (commonly Lilith and Mordecai), wait until after you can edit your character in the New You Station, then exit your session to the main menu. Then, load a different character (safely w/ Brick) and play up to an point of auto-save. Switch back to the mentioned “problem character,” and see if you can get past that point again.
  • Mentions of disabling anti-virus programs and the like seem to work for a lot of players, especially when it comes to multiplayer.
  • Double-check your Windows/System Firewall and make sure the game is cleared for access.
  • Commonly I’ve tried re-playing that character until I level them up to 3 or 4, maybe even 5, utilizing the auto-save system/totems (those weird poles that are scattered everywhere that look like patio heaters), and keep repeating until the level is acceptable to get past that issue point. Commonly, it’s been 3 or higher.
  • Go into Windows Defender and disable the Controlled Folder Protection option in the Ransomware section within the antivirus tab.
  • Alt+Tab out of and then back into the game.
  • Set the game’s priority level to High.
  • Make sure no files have been altered, file verification doesn’t always work when it’s an internal file change that doesn’t fully brick the game, if it launches and plays a character, it is usually not recognized as an altered or missing file.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game -sigh-

Unfortunately, most of these workarounds, so far, only have a success rate of about 62%. I’ve also noticed, that if you’re missing the classic (HD Remastered) loading tip screens, that at about a 60-ish% chance, your session will have an issue (from my experiences). All I can suggest, is to play a character that’s imported into BLGOTYE from the original. Play past the point you end up having the problem (in the original) and then load it up into BLGOTYE. The “big” downside is, you won’t get the Gearbox guns imported to those character’s inventories, like you would have if you were able to make it past your main issue in BLGOTYE in the first place. Kind of a dead end there.

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