Anno 1800 – Develop Cities

Develop Cities and Fulfill Dweller’s Need

Develop Cities

You Begin the game with a ship, significant amount of space, and a given amount of gold. As it often happens, beginnings are tough and you will be able to build only basic structures. Your first step should always be building many farmer residences and connect them with a road. Next, you need to provide them with access to the marketplace and build timber yards that will be used in the process of deforestation. Now, you need to construct a sawmill to turn gathered wood into planks – build a warehouse nearby.

Complete these steps and you will unlock further buildings – the main idea of the game will remain more-less the same. You need to keep building more residences, collect new resources and pay attention to your dwellers’ needs. Remember to keep an eye on your finances -it is possible that you will generate a loss in the beginning. Don’t worry about it though and focus on your economy. It’s wise to invest in at least 3-4 timber yards and sawmills – this will speed up the development and the first few stages of the game.

Fulfill Dwellers’ Needs

Click on a house or a dweller, and you will be provided with settler’s needs and happiness level on the right side of the screen. Icons will match those that represent a given building, so it won’t be difficult to identify your dwellers’ needs. Farmers will demand access to the marketplace, fish, and basic clothes. Provide them with these goods and you will be able to upgrade their farmer residences, and recruit workers. This way you will unlock a new social group which can work in newly unlocked buildings. As a result, you will be able to develop your city further. Workers will have additional needs, and thus you will have to produce bread, sausages, soap, and provide them with access to school. Fulfill their needs, and your workers can become artisans – this will allow you to develop your society even further.

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