Anno 1800 – Museum and Zoo

How to get new animals for Zoo and artifacts for Museum?

How to acquire new animals for your Zoo in Anno 1800?
Animals will greatly improve the attractiveness of your Zoo, and the overall city attractiveness. Unfortunately, tourists will quickly get bored with regular animals. Luckily, you can use expeditions to search exotic places for unique animals. In order to see the available expedition on the map, zoom out. Select a ship, supplies and crew that you want to send on an adventure. Once you reach your destination, there will be a briefing – you will read about the result of your journey, and you will be able to make certain decisions. Get back to the city to sum up the expedition and receive your reward – you will be given three rewards, one of which can be a new animal for your Zoo.

Furthermore, certain nations offer unique animals for sale. Make sure to check new offers regularly.

How to acquire new artifacts for your Museum in Anno 1800?
It’s pretty much the same as in the case of gathering animals for your Zoo. Your main sources of gathering artifacts will be expeditions and trade with other nations. The outcome is definitely worth the effort – apart from the visual aspect (e.g. obtaining an outstanding T-Rex skeleton), you will greatly increase city attractiveness.

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