ASTRONEER – Master Power Table

This guide intends to be a place where you can find out information about ASTRONEER without closing the game. It contains all of my master data tables to date and their respective breakdowns.

The tables that follow are designed to work in conjunction with one another to provide the best understanding of the game’s basic information.

Master Table of Power

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Important Note: Go to the Printing Table if you want to see how to print the items listed in the Power Table.

Power Table Breakdown

This table categorises items based on whether they generate, store or consume power within an ASTRONEER power system. More about these sections:

> Generating Power lists all power producers in ASTRONEER. These items are sorted by research cost and which printer they are printed from. It outlines basic information like how much power each one generates and for how long.

> Storing Power lists all power storing items/resources in ASTRONEER. There are two types these are batteries and fuels:

  • Batteries store excess power (acting as a power consumer) then discharge to meet power demands (acting as a power provider).
  • Fuels store chemical energy that can be released by using them in a generator (which can be turned on/off manually to meet power demands).
    This section lists the power output, whether it is variable or not and the total energy capacity of each.

> Consuming Power lists all power consumers in ASTRONEER. These items are sorted by whether it is a base building item or is used on the backpack. This section lists power consumption, total energy consumed and how long it takes for a machine to finish (base building) or run out of power (backpack).

Vehicle Power
Note: This is just an add on to the Power Table which is self explanatory.

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