ASTRONEER – Master Printing Table

This guide intends to be a place where you can find out information about ASTRONEER without closing the game. It contains all of my master data tables to date and their respective breakdowns.

The tables that follow are designed to work in conjunction with one another to provide the best understanding of the game’s basic information.

Master Table of Printing

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Important Note: Go to the Resource Table if you want to know how to make each resource. Go to the Power Table if you want to know how much each item consumes/produces power and more.

Printing Table Breakdown

This table lists all the printable items in the game ASTRONEER, what combination of resources make them and how much each one costs in terms of research. It sorts all these items by the printer which is used to craft them and by my 3E’s of ASTRONEER:

> Engineering includes any item that is used in power management, base building or is commonly found within bases.

> Exploration includes any item that is used for exploration. Whether it be to survive outside your base or are vehicles for exploration both rovers and shuttles alike.

> Excavation includes any item that is used for the drilling, shaping and adding of terrain. So it’s basically everything terrain tool or drill.

Note: Ignore where the Fireworks are placed since it is more of a social item and doesn’t help at all with mining.

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