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ASTRONEER – Master Resources Table

This guide intends to be a place where you can find out information about ASTRONEER without […]

This guide intends to be a place where you can find out information about ASTRONEER without closing the game. It contains all of my master data tables to date and their respective breakdowns.

The tables that follow are designed to work in conjunction with one another to provide the best understanding of the game’s basic information.

Master Table of Resources

Important Note: Go to the Printing Table if you want to know which resources make what items. Go to the Power Table if you want to know how much each item consumes/produces power and more.

Resource Table Breakdown

The table is split into sections:

Left columns lists all raw resources in the game and where to find them. This information includes whether it is a Primary, Secondary resource or belongs to All planets.

Trade Platform section lists how much each resource costs in scrap which is useful later in the game.

Soil Centrifuge section lists how much each non-metal resource costs in energy to make from the centrifuge. Assumes a full centrifuge of 2 soil canisters.

Smelting Furnace section lists the refined resources each smeltable raw resource turns into.

Chemistry Lab section lists all ingame synthesized resources and their respective resource recipes. This is split into recipes requiring gas and those which need no gas.

Atmospheric Condenser section lists each planet ingame and the gases avaliable on each with their respective concentrations. Following is a graph showing the effect of gas concentration on time spent collecting 1 unit of gas. Gases are required for the Chemistry Lab synthesizing of late game resources.

Bottom Section lists how much energy each machine uses per resource (per use for Centrifuge) and how long it takes per resource (per use for Centrifuge).

Important Note: Next to each resource listed (apart from gases) there is a scrap icon column. This states how much scrap 1 of that resource produces in a shredder.

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