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Graphics and Performance Guide In the graphics options of the game you can choose between Low, […]

Graphics and Performance Guide

In the graphics options of the game you can choose between Low, Medium and High. If you set the graphics directly to low, the game just looks awful. Above all, everything seems much too bright and there are no more atmospheric effects. So you probably try manually to screw some settings up and get only marginal optics gain, but partially loses a lot of performance.
My calculator consists of an i5 7500, 8 gig ram and a Geforce GTX 1050 TI. Just as a rough reference value.

Basically, my guide consists only of the note, not downshifting to LOW and then manually set the individual options up, but from the note to switch to MEDIUM and then set the individual options down. The difference are in the general optical atmosphere. If you set the graphics to LOW and then the manually options up and compare these settings with the MEDIUM option and then switch them manually down, you will notice that the graphics are still significantly different and the performance is nevertheless the same for exactly the same settings.

1- If you want, you can set the following parameters in the start options of the game:

2- Then start the game in low memory mode.

3- Then switch the Graphics Quality to MEDIUM in the graphics options of the game and then use the settings of the following image.

4- Reboot game.

A hint on the side, if you want to experiment yourself. For some reason, the poorer settings has not always the better performers. This means that, in the context of my attitudes, procedures and, in my experience, e.g. reducing the General Shadows to Low even has a performance disadvantage than the Medium setting. So, not only Medium does look better, the game also works better. The same phenomenon I have observed with anti-aliasing. Maybe there are other settings where this phenomenon occurs.

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