Atlas How to Claim Land

Claiming a piece of land in Atlas is one of the most important aspects of the […]

Claiming a piece of land in Atlas is one of the most important aspects of the game because it will allow you to build and craft things whilst you’re inside your territory on a certain island. This short guide will teach you how to claim land in Atlas and give you a good about the Atlas Territory system and how it all works.

How to Claim Land in Atlas MMO

In order to start claiming and occupying a piece of land (territory) you will need to press your “F1” key on the keyboard. Doing this will bring up a Flag blueprint and outlines of other claimed areas adjacent to you. If you’re trying to claim territory from someone else, it will tell you that the placement here will contest the player and you can take someone else’s territory by stealing it while they are offline if they’re not sleeping in that territory or haven’t passed through it for a couple of hours.

If you’re outside of a land that is claimed by an enemy, or on the outward part of it, your Flag territory will intersect with the other land and you won’t be able to place the territory claim flag it will be red.

Filling in the land requirements being far from anyone’s land and not being on a Freeport/Lawless Area will allow you to place a territory flag claim (the flag blueprint will appear blue which will let you build the flag). Once you drop the territory flag, you will receive a notification that you’re claiming a piece of land and it’s coordinates. You will have to defend that piece of land for 10 minutes in order to fully claim it (kill any enemies who try to contest your land because any enemy on a PvP server will pause the land claim timer until they’re killed or they run away).

If you want to steal and contest someone’s land, you’ll have to find it’s center (where the enemy territory flag is placed) and try placing yours (only on PvP enabled servers). This will start a timer and if the enemy has not visited their territory you will be able to claim both their territory and buildings (including tools, docks, shipyard etc).

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