Atlas – How to Drink Water

Constantly running of out water and can’t figure out how to drink it? This basic guide will tell you How to Drink Water in Atlas Game as well as a basic trick on where to find water, as it’s not always as readily available as you would believe it would be, in a world covered in the stuff.

Firstly, let’s cover the most common problem. If you’re surrounded by water and you cannot drink it, it’s likely salt water. You cannot drink water directly from the sea, or any large bodies of water with a direct link to the nearby ocean. This is due to the health risks of drinking salt water. With that out the way, let’s figure out where to find and how to drink water.

How to Drink Water in Atlas MMO

Drinking water in Atlas is easy. You simply go to a body of water and press E. You must be looking down at the water, crouching often works best. As long as the water is not salt water, you should be able to drink it. You can also craft a Water Skin that lets you carry water with you, once you’ve filled it up at a water source. They do “leak” water overtime so even if you don’t drink from it, it will need refilling.
On most of the starting islands there is a large tiki type statue/rock carving with a face on it. This is always near a small body of water so if you can see it, head there.

There is another way of finding water. You can actually find water in many places, assuming you are in a “green” area. Apparently you can crouch down, look at the floor and press X, then attempt to dig for water. It only works on grassy and green areas. If you are in the wrong area, you will have a prompt appear on screen.

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