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Atlas – Brigantine Ship How to Build ?

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The Brigantine is currently the second largest Ship in the latest version of Atlas. If you’re leaning towards end-game content such as Treasure Hunts, Boss Fights and PvP you’ll want to get a Brigantine Boat as soon as possible. This Atlas Guide will teach you how to build a Brigantine Ship, the resource costs for the Brigantine Blueprints and what Boat parts you will require in order to craft the Brig.

How to Build a Brigantine Ship in Atlas MMO Game

[su_note note_color=”#64656b” text_color=”#fbfbfb”]Note: That the Brig is a really big ship and if you’re solo it will take you over 10 hours to effectively farm and craft all of the things you will need to build a Brig.[/su_note]

Brigantine Ship Building Requirements

  • All of the Skill Tree research for Sloops and Schooners + Brigantine Research (Large Shipyard)
  • Smithy: for crafting Plates and Wheels.
  • Loom: for making sails.
  • 40 Medium Plates
  • 3 Medium Decks
  • 2 Large Speed Sails
  • 1 Large Handling Sail
  • 1 Steering Wheel

For the Smithy and Loom resource costs and requirements check out our Atlas Ship Building Guide.

Once you’ve built the Large Shipyard (which costs a lot by itself) and acquired all of the parts required to build the Brigantine Ship, head over to the Shipyard and make the Brigantine Blueprint which will craft a Brigantine Ship outline which you can then fill with the remaining Brigantine Ship parts.

  • Tip: Make sure you’re building the Brigantine in deep waters, otherwise it will explode once you finish the craft.

The process of building and placements of the Plates, Decks, Sails and Steering Wheel are relatively similar to the Schooner and Sloop so you should get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Reason why you will need Large Sails is because the Brigantine requires high sailing power in order to actually move in the water but you can also use Medium Sails (though you will need quite a few of them). Once you’ve placed everything correctly, your new Brigantine Ship will be set for sailing.

Brigantine Ship also offers a lot of options for customization via Decks– Gun (Cannon) Ports on the sides, Elevators, Beds, lots of room for Storage, Food Containers, Smithy and Looms. You can build basically anything you want on it, a Brigantine can be effectively used as a floating Base because of it’s size, just remember that it will sink if it becomes overweight.

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