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Arguably the most important part of the Atlas game. The Atlas Skill tree will provide you with essentials for survival but beware, there are lots of different Skills one can specialize in, so you will have to be careful with choosing which ones to take. The Atlas skill tree is truly massive, full of special feats that give you new powers, skills, a huge number of craftable items: swords and shields, firearms, cannons, ships, food and recipes, structures, ammo and many more and this Atlas MMO Game Beginner Guide will help you choose the strongest skill tree keypoints.

The best way to start an Atlas skill build for beginners is definitely by placing points into the Survivability tab, The Basics, Tools of the Trade and Construction. These will provide you with all of the most important early game recipes. After that, focus on Advanced tools and Archery or Hand to Hand Combat depending on which type of playstyle you like.

Water Keeper and Basic Water Swimming are also really good so if you have enough points, grab them. When you do take a certain survivability perk you will unlock different types of Skill Trees and because there are so many you will not be able to take all of them so it’s wise to play in a group and let certain players specialize in certain fields so you have dedicated people for cooking, fighting and constructing for example.

If you want to build your very own Ship, you’ll need the Shipwright Skill under the Seamanship Skill Tree.

Note: You can reset your stats and skills using an icon in the inventory, so don’t be afraid to experiment in order to find the strongest Atlas MMO build for your character.

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