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Taming is one of the most exciting aspects of Atlas, but it’s not available at the very start of the game. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Taming In Atlas so you can tame various wildlife you encounter, from penguins to horses. Although some are obviously more useful than others. Not sure you can ride a penguin.

If you have played ARK: Survival Evolve, the taming in Atlas works in a similar fashion. You can tame various animals that, once tamed, become under your control. You can use some to travel quicker, others to gather materials, some just to transport large loads across long distances.

How to Unlock Taming in Atlas

You need to reach Level 2 with your character. Once you are level 2 you need to purchase Tools of the Trade, Hand-to-Hand Combat and Beast Mastery from the Survivalist tree. Once you have these abilities a new tree unlocks.
On the Beast Mastery tree you can learn to ride a use, give commands to tamed creatures and Tame. Unlock the Tame ability and you will be able to Tame creatures.


The list of Atlas animals that can be tamed is pretty huge and here are some of them: chicken, cow, penguin and horse… While some of these are very useful because they can prove as a faster way of transportation on land, the others are pretty much useless so have that in mind when you pick the Atlas animal you are going to domesticate and train.

In order to tame your very first Atlas wildlife animal you will need to acquire the Atlas taming skill, you can do so very quickly by reaching character level 2 and placing points into Tools of the Trade and Hand-to-Hand Combat perks in the Survivability Skill Tree (these are the prerequisites for unlocking Beastmastery skill tree which has the animal Taming perk skill).

Once you acquire the previously mentioned requirements and have access to Beast mastery you will be able to unlock the Taming skill which will allow you to tame and domesticate animals which can do various things– transport you, carry load (resources, weapons, gear) and gather resources.

Once you spec into the “Taming” skill on the Beastmastery skill tree you will be able ride, tame and give commands to wild animals in the Atlas MMO game.

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