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Atlas MMO is a party focused game. Everyone loves playing in a party and you should too! A party (named company in Atlas) can be made by inviting a player to your Company. Having lots of friends in your Company will let you have different people specialized in different Skill Tree fields which allows you to easily claim lands and destroy your opponents. Whilst commanding a ship is possible with only yourself (you can hire A.I. bots on your ship) it’s always preferable to have friends who will have your back and it’ll be much more fun for everyone.

When you assemble a party, find an island and make it your own. You can do so by pressing the F1 key and placing a Flag which will start claiming the land around you. As long as nobody owns the land you’re trying to claim the process will be automatic (otherwise you have to kill them) and you just have to be in the area around the flag while it captures the land. Claiming an area will allow you and your crew to build whatever you want on it.

The main goal for you and your crew should be to build a small base, shipyard so you can build a ship and having friends to help speed up the process is neat.

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