Atlas – Ghost Ships [Ship of The Damned]

The Damned Ships (Ghost Ships) were introduced among the latest Atlas patches. The Ship of the Damned is an A.I. controlled Ship that hunts down any real player Ships and destroys them, along with killing their crew of course. This guide should give you an idea of what are the Ships of the Damned (Ghost Ships), what’s the best way to beat them and what loot they drop.

Ghost Ships [Ship of The Damned] Guide

As mentioned before, Ghost Ships are strictly Bots (A.I. controlled ships) which were incredibly strong in the first patch they were introduced because they annihilated 95% of all the current player-made Ships and Vessels in the game. Latest patches nerfed them a lot, and now they’re killable. With that in mind, they drop incredibly good loot and you should definitely destroy Ghost Ships if you can! You will notice the Ghost Ships by their distinctive green color and spooky looking ship. The Ghost Ships will not attack Ships docked near starter islands (freeports) but when you start sailing away towards the deep Sea you will most definitely get attacked by one or more of them so be extremely careful. Once these are aggroed (even one hit is enough) they won’t stop until your Ship sank!

  • Beware: Ghost Ships will RAM into your Ship if they get close, and they will deal a lot of damage, so make sure you destroy them as fast as possible.

The best way to destroy Damned Ships (Ghost Ships) is to have a very strong Ship at least a Brigantine with properly manned cannons and a captain. Do not even think about going on a Ghost Ship hunt with a Raft, Schooner or a Sloop because they will most definitely kill you. If you are on a Ghost Ship hunt (and why wouldn’t you be? It’s so fun.) make sure that your captain steers your boat so that your side cannons are facing the Ghost Ships as you get close.

This is extremely important because you will get the first hits off and be in a huge advantage against the Ships of the Damned, ending the battle as fast as possible. Always have fully maned cannons once you enter the battle because bursting down the enemy ship is important due to the fact more of them can spawn within close distances and flank you from all sides.

Ships of the Damned (Ghost Ships) can drop loot and NPC prisoners which they held as slaves on their ship.

When the Ghost Ship is destroyed, these prisoners will fall in the water and swim around, you can then recruit them with Gold. You can order these slaves to Use Cannons and Sails, Harvest resources and even change their behaviors. The loot drops are distributed via purple boxes (these have a skull on them). The Ghost Ship loot boxes can contain blueprints (for example Mortar structure blueprint for your Ship), Gold and much more!

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