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There are a lot of different resources and materials that you will need in Atlas. This guide focuses on Where to Get Flint in Atlas as it’s one of the more common resources that you’ll need very early in your adventure if you’re hoping to make basic tools or a boat.

With many of the materials in Atlas, especially those needed in large quantities at the start of the game, there are several different ways of harvesting the resources. Flint is one of the resources that has multiple methods of gathering, but both are very easy.

How to Get Flint in Atlas MMO Game

The two main methods of obtaining flint are through the Pick Axe and gathering. You can search the floor for small stones and rocks. Pressing E on these will often give you a small amount of flint. This works perfectly for getting enough flint to make your beginners tools but after that, it’s not really quick enough.
Once you have enough Flint to make the beginner tools, you can then begin using a Pickaxe on large rocks and boulders. This provides much more Flint over a much quicker period of time. That’s all you need to know for where to find Flint.

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