Atlas Crafting Guide

Welcome to the Atlas Crafting Guide, where we will help you navigate the complex world of […]

Welcome to the Atlas Crafting Guide, where we will help you navigate the complex world of crafting in the Atlas universe. Crafting is a fundamental aspect of the game, allowing players to create essential items, tools, and structures needed for survival and success.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about crafting in Atlas, including gathering resources, constructing crafting stations, and crafting a wide variety of items and structures. Whether you’re looking to craft a powerful weapon, a sturdy ship, or a fortified base, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to do so.

We will also explore the intricacies of the crafting system, including the various crafting skills and their associated recipes, as well as tips and tricks for efficient crafting and resource management. So if you’re ready to embark on a crafting adventure in the world of Atlas, let’s get started with this comprehensive crafting guide.

Crafting Guide

You can access your inventory by pressing the “I” button. As mentioned before, the first things you’ll want to craft are the Stone Pick, the Stone Hatchet and all of the Cloth Armor. In order to do so, you’ll first need to level up — the fastest way to level up and gain experience is just to kill an animal on the shore (avoid birds if you don’t have a weapon) or if you prefer the slow way, harvest resources. After leveling up head over to the skill tree and put a point into “The Basics” skill which will let you build the tools essential for your survival. Although the Cloth Armor keeps your temperature up for longer, you should really consider crafting a torch and campfire in order to stay warm, cook meat and see during the night-time.

Crafting Recipes

  • Stone Pick – 2 Fibers, 6 Stone, 6 Wood
  • Stone Hatchet – 15 Fibers, 3 Flint, 1 Stone and 3 Wood
  • Spear – 14 Fibers, 3 Flint, 12 Wood

Note that items have durability, you’ll often find yourself in need of repairing Picks and Hatchets, you can do so in your inventory by right clicking the item and pressing repair. Repairing will cost you resources, but less than if you crafted the item from scratch. Spears tend to brake really quick (after killing 1 monster) so make sure it’s durability is always filled.

Basic Craft Materials

There is going to be quite a few very important basic resources that you’ll want to acquire on the first island you spawn: Wood, Thatch, Stone, Flint, Hide, Meat, Fruit, Fish and Coal.

  • Wood can be gathered by punching Trees with either your hands or a tool such as Pick or Hatchet. Harvesting from Trees using a Hatchet will provide you with more resources. Wood is used in a high percentage of recipes so make sure you’ve always got a lot of it.
  • Thatch can be gathered from Trees by using a Pick or Hatchet.
  • Stone can be gathered by punching Rocks with your hands or a Pick/Hatchet. Harvesting Stone with a Pick will net you more Stone so always use your Pickaxe if you have one. Stone is a much needed resource so always have enough of it stored in your inventory.
  • Flint can be gathered from Rocks only by using a tool.
  • Coal can be gathered from Rocks only by harvesting with a Stone Pick.
  • Meat can be harvested from dead animals — you will need lots of it in order to keep your Protein vitamins up.
  • Hide is a much needed crafting resource for items and some gear or even structures, you can get it from animals.
  • Fruit – there are a lot of variants of fruits, it doesn’t matter which ones you get as long as you can keep your Fruit vitamins up.
  • Fish meat can be acquired from killing Fish which roam the seas. Kill the fish under water, bring it to the surface and harvest ingredients from it by punching it with a tool. Fish meat is a little bit hard to get because you can get attacked by Sharks whilst you’re diving under water in search for food.

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  1. Stone Pick
    – Gets more thatch when hitting trees.
    – Gets more flint from hitting rocks.
    – Gets more meat when harvestng animals

    – More wood from trees.
    – More stone from rocks.
    – More hide, bone from harvesting.

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