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Health Guide in Atlas

Like in other games similar to Atlas, the Character Health system is bound to give you a lot of troubles. There are a lot of Health issues to look out for but the basic Health Stats are Vitamins, Load, Hydration, Hungriness, Stamina and Health Points.

1. Vitamins are divided into four types

Fruit (Orange bar), Vegetables (Light Green bar), Fish (Teal bar) and Proteins (Purple bar). You can fill up your Vitamin bar by eating one of the respective foods but remember that overfilling any of your Vitamin bars will make you sick and you will start to take Health Point damage so be careful and be efficient with food consumption. Fruits can be acquired from harvesting bushes, Vegetables from little plants (most common is Rice), Proteins from dead island Animals and Fish meat from dead fish — which you can hunt under water.

2. Load

Nothing special about this one, it just indicates how much stuff you are carrying in your inventory.

3. Hydration

Very important as water can be hard to get early on. You can get water by digging in moist dirt with your hands or a Shovel or by drinking it from a FRESHWATER lake.

4. Hungriness

Is also a crucial indicator because if you become too hungry you are going to start losing HP. Counteract this by eating any of the previously mentioned Vitamin foods.

5. Stamina

Indicates how much energy you have for doing actions such as running.

6. Health Points

If these go down to 0 you’re dead, you can lose these by getting hit, having any of the previously mentioned indicators at low.

  • Indicator on which Vitamin Type the food provides you (the arrow color)

There are also a variety of Health related issues you are most certainly going to run into such as losing oxygen (when you’re diving) or sunburnsfrom being on the sun for too long (if this happens just run into a shade).

Meat can be cooked by placing raw meat in the Campfire along with some wood and then pressing the light up campfire button.

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