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Found a creature or animal in Atlas that you want to make your own? This How To Tame Creatures On Atlas guide will cover a very simple but effective technique at taming creatures you encounter with methods that work well on both PvE and PvP servers.

Regardless of whether you’re playing on PvE or PvP servers, animals undergoing the taming process are vulnerable to attack from other players. Depending on the server you’re playing, your environment and other factors, you may want to make the following design a little more defensive.

How to Tame Creatures on Atlas MMO Game

Before you attempt to tame anything, you need to make a Taming Pen. These are not specific structures in-game, they are custom structures that you place with the sole purpose of trapping animals inside so you can tame. The design can be totally different depending on personal taste, but it needs to have several elements to be successful. You can always just tame animals out in the wilderness but this is safer and faster.

When building your Taming Pen, you will need:

  • Fully Enclosed
  • Large Gate at front for animals to enter
  • Small door at the back for you to exit
  • Windows or ceiling hatches to shoot through

This is ours. You get an animal to follow you into the large gates, close them. Exit out the back door, close it. You then need to lower the creatures HP to about 20% and hit it with a Bola. You can craft Bola’s on Looms if you have the skill. Once you hit them with a Bola, approach it and it will tell you what food it requires. You place that food into the last slot of your hotbar and press E to feed it.

After a short period it will break out of the Bola’s. Repeat the steps until it’s 100%.

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