Atlas – How to Level Up Ships and Rafts

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So, you’ve built your first raft, gathering your food supplies and vitamins and taken to the high seas. This guide will tell you How To Level Up Rafts & Ships In Atlas as, much like your character, rafts and boats earn experience points and can level up and unlock new improvements.

Once you have built a raft or boat, you can continue to build on it and improve it. As you use your boat, exploring the vast oceans and checking out nearby islands, your raft or boat will earn experience points. You can check your progress to leveling with your boat in the upper right corner of the screen, when aboard your boat. Earn enough experience points and you will level up.

How to Level Up Rafts and Ships in Atlas MMO Game

Once your boat has earned enough experience points, sit on your boat or raft. If you look down at the center of the raft, usually where you can repair, you will see the option to interact with E. You need to interact and then choose Ship Options. From there, you can level up your ship which lets you invest in one of 4 different states.
Do not Scuttle your ship as it gets destroyed.

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