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How to Craft Raft

A Raft is going to be your main way of searching for new Islands for a long time before you can afford to get a Ship.

In order to build (craft) a Raft you’ll need to find the Shipyardsman on the Docks of the Town that is situated on the coast of the Island you spawned on.

The Raft Blueprint for Raft crafting will cost you 75 Fibers, 20 Hide and 80 Wood so a good strategy to get a Raft as quick as possible is to stock up on a lot of Fibers and Wood early on.

When you acquire a Raft, the first thing to do is put a Campfire and Bed on it so that you can save your position, if you die you will respawn on the Raft– near the bed.

It is recommended that every person who boards your Raft carries at least 20 Fish and Animal Meat, 50 Fruit, 50 Wild Vegetables and 5 Full Waterskins and has at least level 5.

In case you want to make Storage Boxes to save supplies and items in one place, you can do so by unlocking Construction Mercantilism discipline from your Skill Tree.

To start sailing with the Raft, you’ll need to press “E” to open the Sail control menu. There are five options: Rotate Sails (you can pick at which degree to open the sail, this controls your movement rotation), Fully open All Sails, Open All Sails, Close All Sails and Fully Close All Sails.

When you’re controlling a Raft you will notice the boat icon in the top right of your screen. The green is positioning of the Raft sails and direction your Raft is heading and the white arrow is wind direction.

Sailing via a Raft is going to be very dangerous for you because any Pirates that might be near you will just annihilate your Raft with cannons so a good tip is to always be cautious and avoid Pirate Ships when you can.

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