Atlas – Armor Crafting Recipes

Atlas MMO Game – Armor Crafting Recipes

Cloth Hat Cloth Shirt Cloth Gloves Cloth Pants Cloth Boots
30x Fibers 35x Fibers
8x Hide
15x Fibers
2x Hide
50x Fibers
5x Hide
10x Fibers
2x Hide
Hide Hat Hide Shirt Hide Gloves Hide Pants Hide Boots
6x Fibers
18x Hide
28x Fibers
22x Hide
4x Fibers
12x Hide
10x Fibers
25x Hide
5x  Fibers
12x  Hide
Fur Hat    Fur Shirt Fur Gloves Fur Pants Fur Boots
23x Fibers
36x Hide
36x Keratinoid
16x Organic Paste
28x Fibers
38x Hide
38x Keratinoid
14x Organic Paste
15x Fibers
20x Hide
20x Keratinoid
14x Organic Paste
32x Fibers
40x Hide
40x Keratinoid
16x  Organic Paste
14x Fibers
20x Hide
20x Keratinoid
12x Organic Paste
Plate Helmet          Plate Shirt Plate Gloves Plate Pants Plate Boots

Please add armor stats, both hyper and hypothermic stats and full set costs, makes it useful for people who want to craft it.

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