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So you’ve killed yourself some wildlife and got some meat, what’s next? This guide will tell you How To Cook Food & Meat In Atlas as, if you’ve not played ARK: Survival Evolved, the cooking system may appear a little strange.

As with any cooking system, you first need materials. This is a basic guide that will just focus on cooking meat from animals, as there’s more complex recipes later in the game. Once you’ve killed your animal you need to harvest it for resources, using a pick axe or a hatchet, whichever gets you more of the resources you need.

Cook Food and Meat in Atlas

Once you’ve got your fill of meat or fish (really helps with blue vitamin), you need to build a camp fire. Once your camp fire is built place all of your uncooked meat onto the camp fire by opening its inventory with E. The order you place is the order it is cooked, so if you want your fish cooked first, put them into the fire first.
Next you need to place fuel on the fire. Wood is the most common and accessible fuel on the starting islands. Place enough fuel to keep it going for a while, 20-30 logs should do it. Then select Light Fire. This will light the fire and cook the food over time.

Be careful, even on PvE servers people are able to interact with your campfire and take any items from its inventory.

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