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You need wood for nearly everything in Atlas, but how do you harvest it? This guide will tell you How To Get Wood In Atlas, because just running up to trees and punching them doesn’t quite get the job done. All of the starting islands in Atlas are identical, so the following information works regardless of where you start.

The most obvious way of getting wood is from trees. You can cut down large trees with a hatchet to receive a lot of wood. However, you also need wood to make your first Hatchet. So what do you need to do to get your first batch of wood?

How to Get Wood in Atlas MMO

There are a lot of very small, very thin tree type fauna outside of town. As shown in the image above. These special trees cannot be harvest with a tool, you cannot use a Hatchet or a Pickaxe. Instead, you must use your hands.
Walk up to the tree and press E, like you’re gathering fiber.

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